4 of the Best Up-and-Coming Real Estate Neighborhoods in L.A Ideal for your First Home

Take a stroll from Valencia to Long Beach or from Pasadena to Santa Monica; there is no doubt that L.A's metropolitan area is a thriving hub of unique neighborhoods targeting a mix of people from different walks of life. Each of them has its own broad array of entertainment, dining, and housing options suited for a particular audience - be it the Uber rich or the modest middle class.

And although it's pretty hard to come across hidden jewels in LA's real estate market, there is a handful of fast-rising neighborhood ideal for young adults looking for their first crib. Here is a quick primer to that. 

1. Inglewood


It's common knowledge that mosts parts of L.A are quite pricey - almost bordering being overpriced - but there a few exceptions. One of the most attractive ones is Inglewood especially to first-time buyers looking for a close to action without necessary paying an arm and a leg for it. For instance, a medium-sized single-family home will set you back a relatively cheaper $400,000 while still close to the 105 and 405 freeways. This is about 10% less than the average price in the city. 

2. City Terrace

City Terrace

Located near the outskirts of East Los Angeles, City Terrace is one of the few premier 'undiscovered' neighborhoods of LA where you can chance upon a two-or-three bedroom fully furnished apartment for less than $400,000. What's more, its less than 10 minutes away from downtown LA, has a spectacular view and even the cheapest homes are excellent finished. If this were the East Coast, it would easily evoke the feeling of Outer Banks homes for sale

3. Wrigley


Located a few miles north of downtown Long Beach, Wrigley has a long and winding real estate past. For instance, it was the first of many neighborhoods to collapse during the last Mortgage crisis and was one of the last ones to soar high after the market stabilized. Otherwise, during the previous 12 months, more buyers from the average wage class have shown a tremendous interest in apartments in this neighborhood.

A majority of them are constructed using Spanish-style architecture dating back as far as the 1940s, 1930s, and 1920s. On the other hand, compared to other homes in this category, Wrigley homes are priced a bit more on the higher side - most of them well over $500,000. Although it is considered relative expensive on paper, it is quite reasonable considering its coveted proximity to the Los Angeles metro area. 

4. Cypress Park

Cypress Park

Just like most neighborhoods near downtown LA, Cypress Park, enjoys an advantageous and vantage position in the locale's real estate market thanks to rapid development stemming from adaptive re-use and recent groundbreaking in the last 15 years.

In fact, some of the far-flung neighborhood in Cypress Park such as Atwater Village, Highland Park and El Sereno that were once considered being 'too far' from the city center are currently some of the best places you can buy an affordable home to set base on the West Coast. Having said that, the neighborhood still offers easy access to new and trendy commercial hubs such as Eagle Rock, Glendale boulevards and York.

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