4 Effective Ways for Obtaining Sizeable Discounts from ISPs in Canada

Canadian homeowners usually have to pay relatively high bills for internet access each month. A report provided by the CRTC has shown that an increasing number of Canadians now have access to very high speed internet services but at a relatively high rate. But if you can negotiate effectively with service providers, you will pay much less than the advertised price. The following tips will give some insight on how to get a substantial discount from your ISP.

Be Kind and Friendly

Talk to all customer service personnel in a courteous way. Remember that all customer care staff are human and they will respond to you as you treat them. You can help them to get into a good mood by appreciating their efforts and talking kindly to them. Many of the employees in the ISP call centre will need to answer several dozen calls every day and they could get angry or tired when customers yell at them.

When you are kind to the person who answers your call, you will encourage them to do a thorough check of your records in the company. If the person discovers that you have been a good customer in the past, you may be given a discount for your loyalty. Your case could be referred to the loyalty department so you can get a good rate reduction.

Choose a Different Internet Bundle Plan

Most bundle plans are not an attempt to swindle clients like some customers may think. The internet service providers Montreal residents subscribe to will usually create bundle plans that combine more than one service so their clients can have lower rates. For example, if you purchase a bundle plan or package that combines internet access, telephone and TV, you can have up to 30% or more. That is why you should look closely at the service options and examine each bundle to see how you can take advantage of lower rates, which most national service providers offer.

Choose a Long Term Plan

National internet service providers will almost always offer discounts for long term subscriptions. This shows your loyalty to the company and they will be glad to reward you for buying more at once. You can opt for a plan that will last for at least 18 months. Where possible, choose a plan that will last for up to 3 years. However, you should ensure that the company has a good track record and it is going to be providing top quality service in the near future. When you are convinced about this, call the client retention department and ask for a discount. If you are not satisfied with the rate you are given, you should approach their supervisor or department head.

Look for Another Service Provider

If you have negotiated for a lower rate without much success, it may be time to switch to another ISP. Look out for the rates and deals advertised by other highly rated companies that are offering service in your community. Call the customer service unit and tell them you want to switch over to their company and you want a lower rate. Many companies that are not as popular as the major ISPs can even give you better service and at lower rate if they are convinced that you will use their service for one year or more.

The best way to get a good discount on your internet service subscription is to negotiate effectively. Speak to the right person in the company, who is empowered to offer you a better rate to appreciate your loyalty.

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