Smithfield School App - The App Designed to Stop Bullying in Schools

The battle to stop bullying got a huge boost with the introduction of the Smithfield School App. The app fills a need for schools, teachers, parents and students to communicate about everything school related. The special features can send alerts to warn about school closings and serious incidents.

Johnny Bench

Cincinnati, Ohio Legendary Cincinnati Reds baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Bench’s new company moblWorks is unveiling a new app for schools nationwide that will help to stop bullying. The Smithfield School App will be given free to the first 500 schools and will just pay a small monthly hosting fee.

“We are giving each student real time mobile peace of mind with the Smithfield School App,” Bench stated. “This is “THE” app needed for schools, teachers, parents and students to communicate about everything school related. The special features can send alerts to warn about school closings and serious incidents.”


The app also offers instant reporting of bullying, cyber bullying and other threats.


“At Smithfield, we believe that education plays an especially important role in building strong communities,” said John Pauley, Smithfield executive vice president of sales and marketing. “By partnering with Johnny Bench’s company, we’re proud to help schools provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for students.”


The SMITHFIELD App has two unique features:

The Smithfield School App is a mobile communications application designed specifically for schools. All of the information about the school is available on the app. From academics to clubs to sports to music to schedules, everything about the school can be found in the palm of your hand.

The Smithfield School App will allow parents and students to be completely informed. No surprises, no last minute hassles. Everyone is in the know.

“Push Notifications” will alert about delays and closings caused by weather and facilities problems. In case of, God forbid, an incident, factual and accurate information will be sent in real time directly to parents, students and teachers. It’s official information from the school not filtered thru any media, social media all without speculation and rumor. “Incident Reporting” puts the power in the student’s hands to report bullying, crimes, threats, weapons, mental health issues and much more.

This is a real time way to see something or say something. School officials are alerted immediately and can take proper action. The Smithfield School App will give “Piece of Mind” to parents and students alike. The Smithfield School App works with smart phones and all pads.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and sadly it is still a major problem in this country and many schools still either ignore or refuse to lend support to students who are trying to recover from this issue. On a personal note a poor example is La Serna High School in Southern California in which I had an experience with a child that was bullied to the point of leaving school. The teachers did not work with her when she came back to assist her to make up work and she was eventually so far behind and without help was forced to turn to home schooling. In addition schools still turn a blind eye often when it comes to the sports setting and student-athletes are allowed to be bullied. Hopefully this app will allow students to get more help and will wake some of these schools up as suicide is the number three killer of teens, often from bullying.


For more information visit: Smithfield App

(Photos courtesy Smithfield)

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