Possible Reasons for the Decline in the Reading Skills of High School Students

There are numerous possible reasons for the decline of reading skills in high school students. There are many things to distract us from reading nowadays. Things such as Facebook and other forms of entertainment make high school students less willing to read. High school students also find reading books to be boring and would rather spend their free time watching TV, playing video games, or chatting on Facebook.


Reason #1: too much television


I believe a possible reason for the decline of reading skills is watching too much television. Many high school students sit around and watch TV all day instead of reading and this can lead to a huge decline in reading and comprehension skills. I do not think TV in itself is bad, it is just when it is over watched that it becomes a problem. Television does not involve reading so the brain is not being stimulated, which could possibly lead to lowered reading comprehension. Since TV does not involve much use of the brain, it is much easier to watch it instead of reading a book, and since high school students like things being easy they would rather choose TV over reading.


Reason #2: too much texting


Another possible reason that could contribute to the decline of reading skills is too much texting. Every high school student seems to be texting nowadays. Grammar accompanied with texting can be terrible and mind bending to read; People who text often do not use good spelling and grammar due to the short character limit on text messages and often find ways to shorten words in any way they can fit their message. This also negatively influences their academic achievement which makes it hard for students to write essays and term papers fluently, especially handling informative essay topics. High school students also like to chat with their friends rather than reading and texting is an easy and simple way to do that.


Reason #3: reading is not fun


Another possible for the decline of reading skills is that high school students do not like reading because it is not fun to them. They are more intrigued by playing games, chatting with friends, or other forms of entertainment around nowadays. Reading books is not just simply something that sparks their interests and they are more drawn to digital things. They would rather be shooting people, racing sports car, or playing other games that offer a high amount of entertainment, and that is more visual than books. As high school students lose their imagination, they would rather have digital devices do it for them in the form of games or movies. Other high school students might enjoy talking to their friends, boyfriend or girlfriend on places such as Facebook or through texting. Reading is not just a good source of entertainment for most high school students.


Overall, high school students do not have much of a desire to read books, whether it is because it is not visual enough or they do not find it entertaining. They would rather be using their spare time on different forms of entertainment such as modern day electronics, games, and other things such as that. These are possible reasons as to why I believe that high school students’ reading skills are declining.

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