Perfect Start Review - Dr. Frank Wood's Story

Children destined for braces may have more than crooked teeth. The jaw alignment could effect their overall health and performance in school and personally. Give them A PERFECT START and maybe avoid braces as well as the high cost, the waiting and the discomfort of the process.

Dr. Frank Woods

From the age of 3 or 4, it’s more than the joy of a beautiful smile.  The Perfect Start will address the health of an open airway, an aligned jaw and a straight, sturdy foundation - even before permanent teeth emerge.  Sounds too good, too easy to be the prudent approach?  Relax, this is not an untested practice with uncertain results.  This is a sound, safe, kid friendly and effective way to seamlessly take your child gently towards a healthy smile.  With thousands of documented cases over decades, the only thing new here may be the awareness factor. Let's change that today.

So...if you have imagined your child with braces in their future, allow us to reshape your game plan and their smile. Rarely is there such a clear, safe, simple and logical solution to the otherwise trying, expensive and exhaustive process traditionally met with braces. 

10 yrs. old - 10 months later!

This is the personal results from families who took this shorter, better path.

Like many proactive measures, there is a cost savings and improved health when addressing this challenge in the very early stages, even with 3 to 6 year olds.  Isn’t that exciting?  I have grandkids faced with crowded, angled and staggered teeth, so I delved into this story with personal vigor.  My grandson rarely smiles in public.  This chapter will be documented by the careful vigilance to cell phone cameras and stifling the instinct to smile.  We want to help, but we were told the start line was still a couple years away for braces and while that may be true... our new goal is to reach that age and not need them! 

Normal and Underdeveloped

Fix me now! How does it work and why early matters

Beyond the social experience - it is the medical health related issues that may be impacting their development and health in other important ways never considered by most parents who simply want their child to be happy.

I read a short 'Business Tip' about the manager picking the right people to be in the mix when important presentations were being made and he stacked the deck with people who laugh openly and robustly.   

I once spoke on Communication Skills and put a little 1" square mirror at everyone’s seat and later asked what their best asset was for personal and business relations?  I asked them to pick up the mirror and place a value on where a smile takes you. Lots of them kept that mirror as both a quick go-to in their purse but mainly as a reminder that nothing trumps a warm and open smile.  With children, an open healthy smile is an asset and to be confident at an early age sets an important tone. 

This is Michael after PERFECT START!

Seriously...  Or is this just cosmetic?  

There are other related concerns tied to your child's oral development.

Stay tuned for our next story which will share the oral connection between your childs health related to the following important challenges:


 _Lower IQ

 _Chronic Allergies

 _Aggressive Behavior

 _Mouth Breathing

 _Swollen Adenoids and Tonsils

 _Daytime Drowsiness

 _Crooked Teeth

 _Restless Sleep



 _Dark Circles Under the Eyes



 _Frequent Headaches

 _Arrested Growth

 _Low Grades in Math & Spelling   


No braces needed

NEXT - A KID'S CASE.  We will follow Elijah on his journey.  A child with something as common as crooked teeth can feel spotlighted… feeling like that’s all everybody sees and it’s a crushing chapter for kids- let him tell the story as it unfolds over a 12-24 month period.

Beyond nurturing, it's our responsibility to protect our kids.  When we understand the problem we can take better aim at the solution.  Call today 855-897-9588 and schedule a consultation and watch for updates on children like yours go to A PERFECT START website

Celebrate with GMS, the technology of EARLY ORTHO!  Yes your 3-12 year olds with more than a cosmetic change- a gift of a lifetime.  Come to the Houston PERFECT START GMS offices at 1445 North Loop West and receive a $1000 discount for your child's Perfect Start through the month of JUNE... That reduces the normal $3,750.00 to $2,750.00! Change their life this summer!

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