Operation Dance - Get Lexxie to Nationals

Lexxie Allen has dreams to become a dancer.  Last year she was chosen to dance on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in Flordia in two weeks.  She is currently having a fundraiser on gofundme.com to help her raise funds to get there.

Lexxie is a very talented and committed dancer who trains approximately 20 hours in a week with her dance team at some of the most famous and successful dance studios in the USA. She doesn’t even mind the 70 mile commute in traffic to dance. 

In addition to dance Lexxie has excellent grades and works hard to stay on the honor roll. She has won scholarships and competitions to help her get there, but still needs $2500. Her mom states, “If we can get 25 $100 donations (or any amount) that will help us achieve this goal and make a little girls dream become reality.”

Lexxie and her family are grateful and humbled by all the kind words of support and encouragement that has been pouring in.  “What an amazing community of people!” So far they have $225 on the gofundme.com account, and are glad that Lexxie will be able to represent her dance team in Flordia for Nationals and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

If you can’t donate any money the below items would be welcome:

-Loding in the Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel for the week of July 1st-8th

-Gift Cards

-Jazz Shoes, Mac make-up and additional necessities

-Disney World Passes

-Universal Studios’ Orlando Tickets

-Anything else you would like to donate is welcome.

Visit here to donate today!

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