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Fall is approaching and with it comes the stress of back to school, kids going off to college in addition to all of the normal stresses of everyday life. Life can be stressfull and if you can do anything to ease the tension you should take advantage of it. We have a few new items that might help take some of the tension out of your life regardless of what you have going on.

Plank Yoga Mats

There is nothing like yoga when it comes to providing a combination of health, relaxation and energy all in one exercise. You can pick up a yoga mat in any fitness store or yoga studio, but if you are looking for something new and original Plank eco-friendly yoga mats are a great option.

Designed by Doreen Hing, who wanted to shift the idea of what a yoga mat is, and when you see the Signature Photo Mat Series, you will find yoga mats unlike you will find anywhere else. I will say not a yoga class goes by that someone does not make a comment about the originality of the Plank yoga mat that I use. It is also a perfect yoga mat and will allow you to perform every move and pose no matter what class you are taking or if you are just working on your yoga at home. It is so sturdy you can also add it to your bed to aid in providing you with a great night of rest. If you visit the Plank website you can look at the yoga mats, but also take a look at the carrier cases and purses, Plank makes a high quality product no matter what you buy from them.

If you are looking for an answer to a long day in the classroom or at the office, the Lavish Aromas Meditation Pillows really work magic when it comes to taking you out of a stressful state and allowing you to work your way into a relaxed mood. The unique combination of the brocade fabric imported from the Orient, the filling of flaxseed, an oil-filled seed that allows the pillows to hold their heat when they are put in a microwave and the assortment of aromas, really provides you with a great way to to take the stress out of your everyday life.

Lavish Aroma Pillow

While there are many things that you can use or do to help put you in a relaxed state, scent is one that is often forgotten. The power of your sense of smell is almost too simple when we think of trying to come up with a remedy for an assortment of problems we might face, but various scents have the power to impact many things in our lives. Various pillows from Lavish Aromas provide a way to relax you based on the type of pillow you are using. The neck pillow is perfect for the airplane, driving or just relaxing in a chair and comes in lavender and rose scents. If you want to drift off into your relaxed state, the eye pillow is the way to go. You can also chill it and it can help reduce pain from a high temperature when you are ill.

Neck Pillow

For more information on Plank eco-friendly yoga mats, visit:

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