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A child is lost once every 40 seconds.  More than 700,000 children are lost each year.  Don't you want to provide your child with the protection they need to return to you quickly and safely?

Who's Shoes Child ID is the perfect solution for providing safe, effective identification for your child.  The ID band fits on the shoe, literally going everywhere with you.  Unlike necklaces and bracelets that need to be put on everyday or IDs that are hidden in shoes or clothes, Who's Shoes bright colored band attracts attention, yet still protects personal information inside.  In case of abduction, the child can be instructed to take off the band and drop it in a conspicuous place to leave a clue for law enforcement.

Every Who's Shoes Child ID™ kit contains a free Child ID Card . A recent NCMEC survey concluded that 34% of parents do not know the exact weight, height and eye color of their children key data to recovering a missing child.  Only 20% of parents have a copy of their children's fingerprints. 

Who's Shoes Child ID™ is a unique system which solves the problem of children carrying visible identification.  It isn't safe for your child to wear an ID bracelet, necklace or wristband.  If abducted, any visible identification will be immediately removed.  But typically abductors won't change a child's shoes.

Especially crucial during travel and outings, the Who's Shoes ID easily and discreetly attaches to all types of shoes, sandals, belts, swimsuits, and contains emergency information to quickly reunite a lost or injured child with a caregiver. 

Kit includes two ID bands, photo ID card for parents to carry, DNA collection instructions and travel safety tips.  Who's Shoes is endorsed by several missing children's groups, including the national Klaas Kids Foundation and the Laura Recovery Center.  Who's Shoes ID costs $7.99 US. 

For more info or to obtain kits, visit www.whosshoesid.com or call 713-301-5494.


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