WHY are they s-xting...??? Expert Pscyh, Dr. Susan Lipkins Presents First Psych Study

S-xting seems to be in the news everyday... and never for good reasons. NY Psychologist, Dr. Susan Lipkins, helps parents understand the WHY behind this new action.

Dr. Lipkins is the FIRST psychologist to explore sexting. [You may recognize Dr. Lipkins' name from Oprah's when she was guest expert on s-xual bullying, May 6.]  According to her new research, s-xting is not just about s-x, it's about POWER.

Lipkins conducted a study of 323 people ages 13-72, in Feb-Mar. '09. Some of the results may surprise you:

-- 66% of the subjects said they are s-xting; sending s-xually provocative images of themselves or friends, and they feel good about it!  Although this is a huge number Lipkins believes it is an underestimate because even more s-xting is happening among 12 year olds.
-- 6% admitted that they started s-xting at age 9!
-- Only 2% admitted feeling pressured to s-xt

Are S-xters power hungry?
-- S-xters had a statistically significant higher power profile when compared to non-s-xters; meaning s-xters are seeking power and control. BUT, when comparing the power scores of only young people (13-26) it turns out s-xters and non-s-xters were the same. This implies a difference in the motivation to s-xt; based on age.
-- S-xting is about increasing one's status in the social network.
-- S-xting may also be a new kind of "mating call."
-- S-xting is a Symbol and Symptom of the current s-xual revolution.

Didn't realize that we are in the midst of a s-xual revolution? Well, maybe it's an evolution. Today both, boys AND girls prefer casual s-x. They are okay with instant hook-ups as long as there are no strings attached. Know why? "Too much work!"

Dr. Lipkins cautions us to know more about s-xting before enacting laws; because laws cannot control culture.

Dr. Lipkins  presented her s-xting research at the International Conference on the Use of the Internet in Mental Health at McGill University on May 15.

To learn about this study, the results, the trends and what we can do as a society or as parents, talk to Dr. Lipkins. She can address all of this as well as bullying, hazing, and anything pertaining to child/teen psychology. Contact me directly to arrange or with any questions.


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