"The Adventures of Simon Boomerang"


There was once a rabbit named Simon. Simon was grey and white and carried himself with a lot of stride. He loved being around people, going to the pool and even car rides too! This rabbit was no ordinary rabbit though. He had experienced a life of opportunity and choices. A life that gave him the freedom to choose. To choose a life with love, honesty and freedom.



It all started one summer day inside a pet shop. You see, Simon was there, inside a cage, waiting for someone to discover him. Then a young girl came inside the shop. Her name was Megan. And when she walked up to Simon, to his surprise, he was the one to make the first discovery. Megan and Simon grew very close. They gave each other unconditional love. In their own ways, they did everything they could to create a loving relationship. Megan made an outdoor area on her balcony, where Simon could run and play and when tired, a room where he could rest. Then one morning when Megan awoke she went to see Simon, and he was gone! She looked for him outside, down below, on the ground, and he was nowhere to be found. Megan called for Simon. Looked high and low, and still, no sign of him' anywhere. That night, the next morning and two days after' there was still no sign of Simon. Megan grew sad and started thinking that Simon would never be found.

As the story goes, there was a Mama Hawk and a Kitty Hawk. It was the Kitty Hawk's first day of getting food on its own. The Mama Hawk saw Simon and told the Kitty Hawk, 'There is a Baby Rabbit. They are tasty! One of the best finds of the forest. But be careful though, rabbits are quick movers. You must keep a hold of them or they will wiggle their way out'. The Kitty Hawk took off soaring into the sky for his first find. Lower and lower the Kitty Hawk got, closer and closer to Simon. Then, in one swift swoop, The Kitty Hawk took Simon under his claws. Just as the Mama Hawk had warned, Simon began twisting and turning in the air. The Kitty Hawk tried to hold on tight to Simon. Then, an opportunity opened and Simon could touch the ground! Simon had wiggled himself free.

Darting in no particular direction, Simon managed to escape the Kitty Hawk only leaving a mark on his forehead, from his claw. Simon was so happy that he was free! Simon managed to find a log that seemed to be empty. Simon was scared, alone and never had been outside like this! He had only been in the pet shop then Megan's house and now he found himself in a whole other world. You could only imagine how scared he was, being in the log alone, or at least he thought he was. So when he heard a voice asking, 'What are you running from?' Simon almost bolted again; but, as he looked closer with curiosity, he noticed a soft, fluffy creature with a big smile. Simon replied, 'I just got picked up by a Kitty Hawk, he dropped me near the lake then I took off, the Kitty Hawk told me that I could run free, and now I am here with a you, what else can there be? I'm sorry, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Simon, Simon Boomerang, and you are?' With a quick reply, "Shadow is my name".

Shadow and Simon talked a little more and then they fell asleep on one another in the log, in the forest by the lake. When Simon had awoke he was startled; waking up, in the log, in the forest by the lake without Megan. The breakfast that she would make for him, the games that they would play, are the memories he holds inside. Simon turned sad. Shadow woke and saw Simon crying. Not knowing what to do, Shadow asked, 'What is wrong?' Simon replied, 'If I have to choose a life of love over freedom, I would choose love'.  Shadow did not understand this since he felt that he had both. Why did he feel that he had to choose love over freedom? We will find out next time in;"The Adventures of Simon Boomerang".

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