Organic Snacks - Send Your Kids Back to School Healthy

It is time for kids to start getting ready to head back to school and parents will be looking for healthy food while kids will be looking for something tasty. Luckily you can have both with the multitude of organic foods that are avaliable.


Earthbound Farm is a great option when it comes to getting fruits and vegetables into your diet. They offer great bagged lunch packers of organic apple slices, organic mini-peeled carrots, organic carrot dippers with ranch dressing, grab and go salads and organic raisin snack packs. Earthbound makes it easy for you when you have to get lunches packed in the morning, not only are they already packed snacks, but they are healthy and the perfect size and of course they are organic. Parents, don't be afraid to take some of these to work as well, these are a much better choice than the vending machine.

If you are going to spread something on your toast in the morning, take a look at Crofter's Organic Superfruit Spreads. Each jar contains one pound of premium organic fruit and it is sweetened with fair trade sugar. Crofter’s Superfruit Spreads are going to make you forget about using jams or jellies or anything else that tries to pass itself off as a fruit spread. Listen to these flavors; North America Superfruit is cranberry and blueberry, South America Superfruit is an exotic blend of Maqui berry and passionfruit, Europe Superfruit is pomegranate and black currant and in my opinion the one that packs the most flavor and got me hooked was the Asian Superfruit, which contains a bright blend of yumberry and raspberry. You really can’t go wrong with any of these spreads, and I would suggest you give them all a try.

Crofter's Superfruit Spread

Late July Organic Snacks are not only great tasting, but this family run business is really dedicated to promoting an organic lifestyle and the benefits that go with it. This summer Late July introduced their mini endangered animal sandwich cookies that are not only full of flavor, but your kids will love the designs and 10% of the profits go to the Jane Goodall Institute. Late July also has some tasty crackers, I would suggest the sharp cheddar sandwich crackers, very tasty!

If you are looking for one line of products that will keep your kids happy for the entire year, Salba Smart organic snacks are a sure bet. Salba Smart makes pretzels, tortilla chips, salsa and 100-calorie snack packs that are perfect for lunch boxes. Salba simply put is really a super-grain, it is all-natural, has no trans fat, it is gluten free, it has almost no carbohydrates and one serving provides over 3,000 mg of Omega 3’s and over 5,000 mg of dietary fiber. The benefits of Salba is almost endless, but at the end of the day just know that your kids will really enjoy the taste of all of the Salba Smart products and you can enjoy knowing that each time they reach for a snack, it will be one that is good for them.

Explorer's Bounty has introduced a line of organic crackers called Tribal Stone Crackers. If you are looking for a healthy snack when the kids want something to munch on, this is the one to give them. Not only is this the first snack to be made from Rainforest Alliance Certified Yuca, but they also contain no added sweeteners, they are gluten free, allergen and fat free and are also vegan friendly. They also taste great and come in an assortment of flavors.

Tribal Stone Crackers

To go with some snacks you have to throw a sandwich in the lunch bag and most kids love peanut butter so if you want to go organic and have some great taste Santa Cruz organic peanut butter is a great choice. Santa Cruz also carries an entire line of organic products, this is one company that can take care of a number of your snacking needs.

It is a fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you need give your body some fuel to get going and one of the best products to give your kids the right start is Chia Goodness breakfast cereal. Chia is no doubt a name that sounds familiar from those popular plants the Chia Pet, but who knew that chia was good for you to eat. Chia Goodness comes in three flavors and you just need to mix it with water and you are ready to go. You can also mix it with yogurt or fruit and the best part, other than that taste, is that it has five times more calcium than milk and more Omega 3 than salmon or flaxseed. A true superfood your kids will love.

Chia Goodness Breakfast Cereal

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