Kajeet - The Cell Phone Designed for Kids

The holiday season always means that kids are looking for a new gadget and they start asking at younger and younger ages. If a cell phone and texting are on the Christmas list this year, Kajeet is the place to begin looking.


A great keyboard

Kajeet has put together an assortment of cell phones and packages that not only are a perfect fit for your kids and their lifestyle, but they are also a perfect fit for parents.

A stunning phone

Kajeet might not be your household name when it comes to cell phones, but that is likely why they are so affordable, they aren't spending millions on ads to convince you to sign up with them. You can literally start with a package that is as little as 4.99 per month. You will be hard pressed to find a deal as good as the one they offer for 19.99 per month. With this package you get unlimited texting and 150 anytime minutes, this is a great way to start any child out with a cell phone.

Don't think that Kajeet will shortchange you with a phone that your kids won't enjoy, nothing could be further from the truth. Kajeet does have some basic phones, but they also carry some very high end phones that will perform any task that you want it to. The Samsung Seek phones will be sure to catch the eye of anyone, with a sleek look and an easy to use keyboard, you will be happy to have this phone in your hands. In addition these phones have a 1.3 megapixel camera and they also offer one-touch access to the latest social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

This Christmas if you are looking for a phone that you and your child can both enjoy, Kajeet is the one for you. A little stocking stuffer for the parents is that Kajeet has parental controls and you can add GPS phone locator, but that is just between us and Santa.

For more information on Kajeet, visit: www.kajeet.com


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