Children's Place - Your New Destination For Kid's Clothes

One of the best kept secrets in the children's retail industry, that is a perfect description of the Children's Place.

If you have kids or are looking for a Christmas present for one of those little relatives you are going to see over the holidays, the Children's Place should be on your places to go list.

What would draw a parent into the Children's Place? First off is the look of the clothes. You will get the latest looks that will make your kids feel stylish when they hit the schoolyard, but beyond that all of the clothes here will let the parent have the secure feeling knowing that all the clothes you purchase here are very age appropriate. The Children's Place will outfit the infant all the way up roughly age twelve.

Kids aren't going to care how long their clothes last, but i'm sure as parents you would like them to be able to take some wear and tear. The Children's Place has clearly put a lot of time and money into making sure they give the consumer the highest quality of clothing. A parent is not going to have to worry about their kids being rough on their clothes and having them fall apart after two or three washings, it won't happen these clothes are meant to last.

Last but not least is value. Today most people want durability and style, but they are always looking for value and thats what you will find at the Children's Place. On this day, you were able to find the entire outfit you see pictured, and that is from head to toe including the jacket, shirt, skirt, shoes and the purse, for only $55.47.

What A Deal!

If you pass by the Children's Place in the mall you may keep walking just because it has the boutique and upscale look to it. Don't let the great looking store scare you off thinking it will be overpriced, it isn't and you will find such great value, that the prices will hook you and keep you coming back.

If you are looking for a true test of the value you will find at the Children's Place you could go find yourself a Gap and price similar clothes and you will find that you are going to get very similar clothes at both stores, but that your credit card is going to be quite a bit less.

"Word of mouth is one of the biggest ways we gain customers, once someone comes in the store and sees the durability and price, people keep coming back," Andrea McClarren, the Children's Place marketing manager said.

The Children's Place has been slowly invading California over the past five years and is up to thirty stores in the Los Angeles area and sixty stores in all of California.

You can find out more about the Children's Place as well as place orders by visiting their website at

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