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Tips For Parents, Special Needs Kids For National Bully Prevention Awareness Month

By Splash Magazine Staff Writer

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This month is National Bully Awareness Month. Bullying is a widespread issue in schools and online. But take it a step further – special needs children. A study in the British Journal of Learning Support found high rates of bullying in these children.

National Bully Prevention Awareness Month

The researchers indicated 60 percent of students with special needs reported being bullied compared to 25 percent of the general student population. Brain Balance Achievement Center in Encino, Calif., which offers a drug-free program for Southern California families struggling with ADHD, learning and behavioral challenges, Dyslexia and Autism spectrum disorders, has tips for both parents and children.


For parents, doctors at Brain Balance have a few tips for those with special needs kids:


National Bully Prevention Awareness Month

Another angle to consider: if the special needs child is considered the bully.

“Children, particularly with Asperger’s or autism, do not always display emotions and can come across as stoic. Couple that with a child who may repeat questions and statements and the child could easily be mistaken as a bully when he or she is not,” says Dr. Mark Flannery, founder, Brain Balance of Encino.


Tips for special needs children who are being bullied:

For more information on the center itself,  go to Brain Balance Encino 


Published on Oct 19, 2012

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