The Wonders of Pregnancy and Motherhood

Meaningful Life Experience Motherhood is often one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of a woman's life. Pregnancy can be often be a stressful time for women, with morning sickness and constant body aches and pains galore, but most women find the entire 9 months completely worth it the very first time they cradle their newborn babies in their arms. Early motherhood can be tough, too, from the exhaustion of sleepless nights to the stresses of such a major life change. Most women forget all of those drawbacks, too, however, the first time their young toddlers say "I love you, mommy" or ask to be read a bedtime story.






The Joys of Motherhood and Pregnancy


If you're currently considering becoming pregnant, learning about all of the joys of pregnancy and motherhood can be extremely helpful in your decision-making process. Motherhood, after all, is an intensely beautiful thing. It's also incomparable to any other life role, situation or experience. This list details some of the best aspects of both motherhood and pregnancy.


The Whole Spectrum of Emotions


Pregnancy and motherhood run the gamut, emotions-wise, and that's the beauty of it all. When you're expecting a child or already mothering one, you feel everything. Your emotions range from the pure joy of caring for another human being to the deep sorrow and heaviness of thinking about the possibilities of bad in this world. These diverse emotions can help you develop purpose and a reason to be here. When you're a mother, you're on a perpetual mission that's guided by the intensity of your emotions. Not many things are more meaningful than that.



The Sweetness and Light


Being a mother isn't all sweetness and light. Mothers have to establish guidelines in the home and being a disciplinarian is never fun and games. When motherhood is sweetness and light, however, it's inimitable in its sheer beauty. When your child runs up to you to receive a kiss or hug, there's no other feeling on earth quite like it. Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of that simple emotion.


The Value of Life Lessons


Motherhood is a learning process, just like anything else in life. Children can teach you so many invaluable lessons that you just wouldn't trade for the world. These lessons include:

  • The wonders of simple pleasures
  • The importance of focusing on the big picture
  • The value of living in the present time


Being One With Your Unborn Child


When you're pregnant, you experience a feeling of closeness with your child that's impossible to really replicate; you're carrying the little one inside of your body. Every little kick can symbolise so much. The feeling of intimacy is unlike anything else in this universe, and that's precisely why expectant mothers should cherish those moments so much.


Observing the Innocence of Childhood


Observing the pure innocence of childhood is yet another beautiful aspect of motherhood. When you're an adult who leads a busy and stressful life, forgetting about the little things in the world can be all too easy. When you look at the wide-eyed wonder of a child, however, you can put everything into perspective. There's nothing like the simple joy of being a kid playing outside or watching the mesmerising beauty of nature.



The Soothing Qualities of the Happiness of Youngsters


When your child is happy, it can be seriously infectious. If you're feeling down and stressed out after a tough day in the office, watching your child smile can fill your body with unadulterated bliss. Being around children can truly be therapeutic in that day.

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