“My Life as a Dollar Bill” Children’s Book is Perfect Reading for this Economic Era – Follows the Adventurous Journey of a One Dollar Bill


Sanjini is an Actress and Writer



My Life as a Dollar Bill” follows Bill, a one dollar bill on its adventures from a bank, to the busy streets of New York City, freezing inside a Coca- Cola machine and enjoying a roller coaster ride at Disney World. Every dollar counts and so does this one dollar bill!

"My Life as a Dollar Bill" Children's Book


My Life as a Dollar Bill” is a fun children’s story about the adventures of a one dollar bill. It teaches children the value of a dollar and how every dollar counts in this economy. It is for ages 2 to 6 years old and is a good parents’ read.

"My Life as a Dollar Bill" Children's Book

I wrote this book because I want children to understand the value of money, that it is currency and exchanges through many different hands (rich and poor). I also want children to use their creativity and imaginations while enjoying the dollar bill’s fun adventures and journey.


Sanjini Bhakta is an Actress and Writer. She was born in Zimbabwe, Africa where she won many literary Eisteddfods and then went to colleges in Oklahoma, California and Texas. She received her Bachelor’s in History from the University of Texas at Austin and her Master’s in Speech Communications from Texas State University.

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Sanjini has also published “The Chocolate Pony” Children’s Book.

"The Chocolate Pony" Children's Book


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