Making the Best Baby Shower Possible

Baby showers can be fun and relaxing, but putting together a good one requires planning. It’s important to take into account the needs of the mother as well as what will make the event fun for everyone else. Here are some tips to make the event as festive as possible.


Baby Shower

Help everyone out with a Theme

Themes aren’t required, but, as “Wow the Mom-To-Be with Your Creativity” points out, themes can make the party even more memorable. A theme is a great way to get everyone on board with the mother’s interests, and can also help guests decide what kind of gift is appropriate. This is especially useful for friends and family who may not have children, since purchasing a gift for a mother-to-be can be baffling to the uninitiated. Some themes to consider:

  • The natural baby
  • Socially conscious baby products
  • Soothing, earthy decor for baby’s room
  • Organic, healthy living
  • Self-pampering

These types of themes are the perfect way to help guests choose items that’ll be useful to the mother. The simplest baby products can then be transformed into something that fits with the theme. This can range from natural baby wipes infused with natural antioxidant botanicals such as those manufactured by The Honest Company to biodegradable diapers that lack fragrances or artificial scents from other such major manufacturers.


Use Games That Involve Getting to Know One Another

Not all of the guests will know each other. In fact, some may only know the mother to be. Having games that allow people to get to know one another can help break the ice. An article on PopSugar recommends games like Guess the Baby. Each guest brings along a picture of themselves, and then the pictures are put on display. Guests can then guess on the identity of each photo, reminisce, and bond over all the adorable pictures. Including a gift behind each picture for the mother can also be a fun trick. At the end of the game, have the mother choose her favorite picture, and behind it place a gift from each guest. These should be simple items, like a baby teether that the mother is sure to need.


Make It into a Spa Day

What mother doesn’t need a little pampering? Make both mother and her guests feel special by turning the shower into a spa day. Encourage guests to bring self-care products, such as organic shampoo, body wash, and special lotions to have a relaxing day. Make sure that the items are hypoallergenic and organic. This is even better if they’ll suit both baby and mother.


Avoid Surprise Showers

Unless you know for certain that the expectant mother will love the idea, you should probably avoid a surprise baby shower. Stress can cause significant problems for pregnant women, and it can also just be unpleasant. If she’s close to her delivery date, she might even go into labor! Some hosts want the party to be special for the mom, and surprises can help increase the anticipation and make it more memorable. You don’t have to reveal everything to your friend. All you have to do is make sure she knows you’re hosting the baby shower, when it is, and where it is.


Check for Allergies

Some pregnant mothers develop additional allergies or sensitivities. When preparing the menu, make sure you know what your guest of honor cannot eat. Even if you’ve known her for years, don’t assume you know everything. If you want to take it a step farther, find out what her cravings are and let those cravings influence some of the selections.


You’ll also want to make sure that you have some options for those who can’t eat gluten or dairy. This also falls in line with the idea of organic, natural living, with is the perfect fit for a new mother. You can keep the menu simple, and instead, focus on offering party favors such as an organic lip balms with pleasant edible, like sunflowers and olive oil, that fit with the theme of clean living.


Consider a Craft Station

Another way to break the ice and give people something to do is to set up a craft station that focuses on all-natural materials. You can find all sorts of little projects from stenciled onesies to handmade hemp headbands. If the craft is useful, it makes it all the better for the mom to be. Just make sure to set aside some time to show off the creative handiwork of your guests. Depending on how much time you have available, the crafting may take the place of a longer game. Be sure to also include some hand sanitizer for participants to keep the area spic and span.


Putting together a charming baby shower is quite a task. You have to take into account what the expectant mother needs as well as the guests. By following these tips, you can avoid some common pitfalls and put together a memorable and fun event.

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