Celebrate the New Journey of Motherhood with Cloudnine

Motherhood is a very special feeling and to celebrate the joy of motherhood, Cloudnine conducts baby shower programs for its special moms-to-be. Apart from MBA (management of baby affairs), prenatal workshop, Cloudnine celebrates this joyous moment to make their journey memorable.

With nuclear families on a rise, couples must be finding it difficult to take care of their new born. Thus, Cloudnine has come up with different programs and workshop designed to take care of their new born from bathing to feeding.
Programs are arranged to teach the new parents how to take care of their child and the precautions they should take.

As the parents embark on this new journey, it is essential to be well equipped and knowledgeable to handle the new bundle of joy. These programs prepare the new parents for their future so that they do not find any difficulties in raising the new born. Cloudnine management is very energetic and experienced and takes special care of all their moms-to-be.
It is not just technology but also the attitude that has changed pregnancy. Queries like what to eat and what not to eat, amount of rest, bathing of the new born are such ideas that have evolved and its essential for the new moms to update themselves so that they can take better care of themselves and the new born. Mom-to-be do get ample information on the internet and their friends but there is still a lot to learn. Thus, Cloudnine programs comes into being.

Apart from these programs, to make them feel special and cared before their joy arrives, Cloudnine organises a fun filled day for them. With a ‘Pink and Blue’ theme, the aim of this baby shower is to make a fun-filled day for all the couples. The nurses organise a high-tea during the seventh or eighth month of the women’s pregnancy. With pink and blue décor, they make all the necessary arrangements and inform the parents a week earlier. In this baby shower, they welcome all the new parents to be. Around 20 to 25 couples participate in this program. Games and activities related to child care are arranged where the couples participate together and win exciting prizes. Three games will be held throughout the program that aims to provide them basic training of parenthood and have fun at the same time. All these games have a common theme as ‘baby care’ around which all the games will be organised.

Every couple walks home carrying beautiful memories created by our efficient staff at Cloudnine. As a part of memory, every couple is been gifted a mattress set that they can use for their little bundle of joy. By the end of the program, every couple takes along precious moments that they will cherish for lifetime.

Clounine aims at making every to be mom's journey memorable and the entire staff strives to bring the joy of birthing with positiveness.

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