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the blankee company


the blankee company makes blankees that are handmade are  renowned for their softness and unique two-in-one of all, they're crafted with mothers in mind from top quality machine washable poly making  the blankee company blankees super easy to care for...

blankees feature an ultra-cuddly, super-soft material, embossed with a moon and stars pattern on one side and  buttery soft chamois suede on the flip side, and a rich imported satin border gracing the edges...

the blankee company blankees are available in their signature pink, signature blue, yellow / natural and lilac / white 

the blankees measure approximately 29 inches square, making them just right for wrapping an infant, cozying up a baby's crib, clearing a nice spot for baby to sit and play, or simply for a toddler to carry around...

the blankee company blankees make a loving keepsake or special gift...

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Pink RC Corvette with Barbie Doll 

Paint the town pink! Let Barbie show you around town in her pink RC Corvette. With simple, three-function controls this RC vehicle is perfect for beginners. Available only at RadioShack!

Price:   $39.99
Included Barbie doll sits nicely in the driver's seat
3-function remote provides simple control (forward, reverse and turn)
Working headlights let you drive in the dark
Pink Corvette is a RadioShack exclusive


Indoor Micro Mosquito RC Helicopter 


Indoor Micro Mosquito RC Helicopter - Pilot your own helicopter from the comfort of your home! This indoor RC helicopter features full 7-function, digital proportional controls and a flight speed of 10-20 feet per minute. A 30-ft. control range lets you control the copter without moving around. The Micro Mosquito comes with a transmitter, charger base station and owner's manual, batteries not included. Price of product: $69.99. Find this at your local RadioShack. 

Kiddie Ride

Gallery of Rides

Are you looking for an unbelievable gift for a special child in your life? Is your home gameroom lacking something for the children? Are you looking for something really unique to donate to your favorite kids charity? A nostalgic, coin-operated kiddie ride is the perfect solution to any of these questions! A kiddie ride is especially cool when it is personal. For example, a Ghostbuster memoribilia collector purchased a Ghostbuster ride, a pilot purchased an airplane ride for his grandchildren, or the man who bought his wife a dolphin ride because she was crazy about dolphins. Kiddie Rides USA customizes rides to make them even more personal. For example, designers from ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition requested a carousel horse be custom painted with the colors of child's bedroom they were decorating. For more information or to purchase this product please visit the Kiddie Rides USA

Living a Dream








Blue Man Group Instruments

Blue Man Group and ToyQuest (who manufactures toys for Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, Little Tykes etc.) teamed up to create educational, inspiring toys for children. Rated one of the Top 15 Most Fabulous Toys of 2006 by Toys R Us, this 'toy' is not really a toy at all' it is a keyboard with a serious attitude! Among its musical capabilities is a 37 key synthesizer with 9 different instrument modes and five different percussion settings. It is motion sensitive so kids can enable mixing, percussion, tempo change, and volume control all with the wave of a hand or a shimmy of the shoulders!  

Utterly Yours Breast Pillow

Utterly Yours Box

Utterly Yours™ Breast Pillow: Finally, hands-free breastfeeding! This product is for any woman who finds herself having to support her breast throughout each feeding. It's not only uncomfortable, but it's also a common cause of carpel tunnel and a reason why many women give up and switch to bottle feeding. The Utterly Yours™ Breast Pillow makes nursing a simpler, hands-free process. Made of high density memory foam, this innovative design supports and lifts the breast upward freeing mom's hand to cuddle baby or even just take a phone call! The product provides the most comfortable and optimal breast position for nursing. It's available in four sizes and comes with a removable/washable cover that keeps the pillow in place. Find out more information at

Utterly Yours Pillow








Snugli Serenade Vibra

When carrying baby, it's important for parents to have options depending on baby's weight and personal preference. The Snugli Serenade Vibra incorporates the hip position in a conventional carrier' an industry first and also adds the backpack option as an additional choice. In order to travel with the necessities while remaining hands free, the Serenade Vibra includes a cup holder, removable storage pocket, and pacifier/toy loop. To provide soothing comfort for baby, the Snugli Serenade Vibra is also the first on the market to include music in the front pocket to serenade baby with five nursery melodies. The Serenade Vibra offers an added bonus for parents' vibration in the lumbar support as they tote their little ones around town.  


Dora the Explorer - Whose Birthday Is It?

Dora the Explorer

In this photo-personalized video, your child will star with Dora and friends! Watch your child with Dora and Boots as they go on an adventure to discover your child's surprise party. Your child will appear in full color animation and Dora will speak the child's name throughout. The video is available at for $39.95 each. Now your child can be a star!


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