Combi DK-5 Review - The Ultimate In Baby Travel

Preparing to have a baby entails more buying and difficult decision-making than one would think.  With all of the items that you need to get for a new baby and all of the manufacturers that provide them, it is, by far, the most difficult shopping that I have ever had to do.  Knowing that you, as parents, and the products that you buy are what is going to keep your new baby safe during the first year. 

Infant set up

After some LONG hours of research, we decided to purchase the Combi DK-5 travel system for our new baby.  We travel a lot and wanted a system that was easy and very portable.  After talking with other parents, reading reviews and discussing our family needs, the DK-5 was at the top of our list.

Combi DK-5 stroller

Upon going to the store to look at the system more closely, the first thing we noticed was how cool travel system looked!  Most of the strollers these days seem to fall into one of two categories; the SUV / Jogger type or the more feminine / flimsy type.  The DK-5 seemed to be a perfect mix of the two.  The Combi Connection infant car seat has egg cushion foam and is covered in a navy and gray breathable mesh fabric. It looked very comfortable, and I had heard that Combi car seats have always been rated highly for safety.   It also comes with the Combi Connection Base for the car seat to securely fit in the car.  Another thing we liked right off the bat was that the canopy actually covered the seat if needed-so many of these new systems have canopies that don't shield anything at all!  The infant seat on its own weighs 8 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the market.  Also, the infant seat is narrower than most others on the market; you can easily take this in and out of cars or on an airplane without knocking it against the seats in the aisle.

Infant seat on base

The infant seat accommodates children up to 22 pounds and 29 inches. We also got a Combi Connection car seat base with this set, this weighs 7 pounds.

Car base

As for the stroller, this was loaded with convenient features for us.  We especially liked its light weight (around 14 pounds) and the fact that it folded two ways.  This one can do a one hand flat fold and a two hand tri fold-it folds down to a super small, easy to carry size that can be worn over the shoulder with the included strap.  Very convenient for traveling!  The opening mechanism can easily be done with one hand. The stroller is in the same cool fabric as the infant seat, and features things like a full recline, a 5 point harness, and a fabric covered guardrail that opens and closes. The front wheels swivel for maneuverability and the back wheels have shocks. 

DK-5's Mobility

These were all plusses in our decision making process.  As for the negatives, there is no cup holder, only a "stroller pack" that has room for a few small items like a cell phone and sunglasses and room on both sides for water bottles and such.  The basket underneath is pretty small, it would hold a diaper bag and perhaps a purse, but not all of your mall purchases! This was okay for us because we wanted this specifically for travel and function, not frills.  I also wanted to mention that the height of the stroller handle is perfect for me and my husband who is 6'1" to use without any discomfort.  We purchased a Skip Hop Dash diaper bag that converts to a stroller bag, and it fits perfectly on the stroller bar and we have plenty of extra storage for drinks and all else there.
Pros: Lightweight, easy to maneuver, stylish, very safe
Cons: Pricey
The bottom line: I recommend this to any parent on the go, it's very functional and has many great features-this one is easy to take around!

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