Clean Shopper Review Never Fear Those Nasty Shopping Carts Again

The Clean Shopper® is a great product for every new parent.  There is nothing worse that taking your infant to the grocery store and watching them proceed to lick and chew on the hand rail of the shopping cart. 

Having a hard time touching germ-filled things like that myself, I as a parent strive to keep my children as bacteria free as I can and the Clean Shopper is a simple way to do that.  Additionally, the product is padded and comes with a safety strap to help to keep babies from hurting themselves while in the cart. 

The Clean Shopper is very easy to use as it slips over the existing seat in shopping carts and secures with Velcro straps.  After making it through the store without contracting any bizarre diseases, the Clean Shopper easily folds up into a neat little pack that can be kept in the trunk for your next trip to the store.  Protecting your baby from shopping-cart germs and bacteria with the Clean ShopperÒ is easy and affordable.  The award-winning Clean Shopper is the original, tried-and-true shopping-cart cover and the most trusted baby barrier on the market.  Endorsed by Good Housekeeping, Prevention and even People magazine, the Clean Shopper is only $29.95 and covers the entire seating-area of shopping carts so disease-causing bacteria are not exposed to babies' mouths, hands or sensitive skin.

With the extreme success of the Clean Shopper, Babe Ease not only makes it in Deluxe, Disposable and Twin models but they also now produce the Clean Changer and Clean Diner.  While traveling, parents can enjoy the same fabulous benefits of the Clean Shopper with a handy, lightweight and disposable 3-pack. Each package contains three disposable Clean Shoppers and one disposable safety strap. Made of waterproof polypropylene, our Disposable Clean Shopper® covers the entire seating area of a shopping cart, making it the perfect grocery cart cover, so baby's sensitive skin is not exposed to bacteria-ridden surfaces. Small tabs secure the disposable Clean Shopper to the shopping cart and a safety strap helps babies sit more securely. Best of all, when you've finished shopping for the day, simply lift the disposable Clean Shopper off the cart and toss it away.  The Clean Shopper products also come in some really fun designs including; Blue Zoo, Whimsical Animals, Princess, Flower Power, Sea Life, Pink Gingham, Blue Gingham, Stretch Denim and Funny Farm.

I have to say that the Clean Shopper is a product that I would recommend to every new parent.  With the small amount of effort it takes to put the unit on a cart is a small price to pay for the continued health of your new baby.  
 The shopping cart cover for babies and toddlers, protects the entire shopping cart seating area' sides, back, handlebars and front' to offer maximum  protection against disease-causing bacteria
 One-piece construction means that our grocery cart cover can be easily installed using one hand, in less than 10 seconds
 100% cotton-quilted fabric ensures added comfort
 Has 2 built-in side pockets for storing sippy cups, coupons, keys, etc.
 Includes 2 loops for attaching toys
 Velcro® strips keep shopping cart handlebars covered firmly
 Includes a safety strap to help babies and toddlers sit more securely
 Folds to compact size for convenient storage inside its handy travel tote (included)
 A variety of machine washable and dryer safe shopping cart cover patterns to choose from
 The shopping cart covers also work on wooden restaurant high chairs, although our Clean Diner is specifically designed for that purpose

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