The Baby Box Co.

The Baby Box Co. is inspired by the 75 year old tradition in Finland. The state provides expectant mothers a box of essentials that are known as a “starter kit” for the mom. Research has shown that once the boxes were introduced in Finland, infant mortality rates plummeted, and it is now considered one of the very best countries in the world to be a mother.The Baby Box Co. has taken the concept of the “starter kit” box and brought it to the United States in a unique and exciting way!

The Baby Box Co. has a variety of boxes offering different products based on your needs, from the hot must-have items in the Basic Box to the all-natural goodies in the Nature Box. Rest assured that each box has been thoroughly researched to provide new moms with the best quality products available. All models begin with the Bed Box, which is fashioned after the Finnish original. This custom-designed box is lined with a waterproof mattress, enabling it to be used as a safe place for the baby to sleep at night, or simply as a comfortable spot for baby to relax when Mom is busy. 


In addition to providing remarkable products for moms, The Baby Box Co. is equally passionate about helping provide quality care for infants regardless of socioeconomic status. To show their dedication to this cause, they donate a portion of their proceeds to Children International. They also offer a 1-for-1 program whereby the company donates a box to a mom in need for every box sold. 

To learn more about this incredible company, check out the website at:

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