Yard House Review - "The Weekend Lineup" A Menu for Any Day

Yard House is renowned for their unparalleled beer selection, but there is much more to this inviting restaurant, and nothing typifies that more than the new “The Weekend Lineup.” This wide ranging menu gives you an assortment of flavors that will take you through an entire gameday, from breakfast to appetizer to main course, and the cocktails and beers that make your experience complete.

Steak & Eggs

For those early games, breakfast is a must, and what Executive Chef Carlito Jocson created is quite a bit more tasty than anything you will find tailgating. The Yard House version of steak and eggs is a skirt steak served alongside cheddar cheese eggs; but what really makes this special is the skillet it is served in. First a sweet potato, corn and green onion griddle cake is layered on the bottom of the skillet and cooked to a nice crispy finish; then the perfectly cooked steak and eggs are folded with cheese, and topped off with a patch of rich creamy butter. With all of these dishes, Chef Carlito layers flavor after flavor. And while the steak is amazing, that sweetness of the griddle cake balances this dish to perfection. The other breakfast option is the lobster and crab omelet that comes with spinach, shallots, chives, fontina cheese, lemon grass bearer blanc, red chili threads and ripped potatoes. Pair either one of these options with the Sriracha Ginger Mary made with Tito’s handmade vodka and your day will be off to a fabulous start.  Yard House created an in-house Sriracha Bloody Mary Mix with a little elixir ginger syrup to calm the heat, added some hoisin and topped it off with a thick piece of peppered short rib jerky. Definitely leaning on the spicy side, this drink packs a wallop of flavor. After having one, this is likely to be your go-to weekend Bloody Mary.

Pork Poutine

Duck Wings

The dish that not only screams out weekend, but makes for the perfect football snack, is the Pork Poutine. This Canadian classic has been elevated by Chef Carlito, who has created something that has goodness in every bite. It begins with Yard House’s crispy French fries; they add in some Wisconsin fried cheese curds and pork carnitas; top it off with some rich gravy, and finally, they mix in some sage to really make the flavors explode. This might sound like it has a lot going on, but when you get a fork with every ingredient on it and taste it, you will find a pure masterpiece. For the meat loving football fan, you can’t go wrong with the pig candy & beef Jerky, which gives you a combination of spicy candied bacon and Korean peppered short rib. Finally, forget everything you know about Buffalo wings, Yard House has a crispy duck wing that will make you forget about every other wing you have ever had. You’ll find the duck much richer and flavorful than chicken – and to make sure you get all of the duck flavor, Yard House avoids that thick and heavy batter. They have a very light, thin and crispy batter that gives you a sense of a crispy duck skin, as if you were ordering duck as an entrée. And, it is glazed with a wonderful maple and soy glaze. This might just be the best wing you will ever eat.

Pastrami Benedict Burger

Nashville Hot Chicken

Finally on to the main event of the day, which leaves you with a tasty battle trying to decide between the Pastrami Benedict Burger and the Nashville Hot Chicken. The egg and hamburger have recently become a perfect pairing: there is simply nothing like biting into a perfectly prepared, juicy medium rare burger and then having a yolk explode and layer that burger with flavor. Once again, Yard House decided that wasn’t quite enough, so they decided to toss in the cured meats of all cured meats, pastrami. Throw on some Swiss cheese and béarnaise sauce you not only have a burger you can eat anytime of the day, but one of the simply all-time classic burgers (and, there is nothing wrong with adding a side of the truffle fries to enhance the experience). For the Nashville Hot Chicken, Chef Carlito went outside of the west coast for this one, this time pulling a classic Southern dish and putting his own twist on it. He begins with a beautifully battered and fried chicken breast, and throws in a plethora of flavors, sweet potato pancakes, honey hot sauce, ranch dressing, fried sage and pickles. This dish shows the genius that comes from the kitchen of Chef Carlito, as that many wide-ranging ingredients are pulled together to really give you every level of flavor in one bite.


The beer list is of course plentiful, from the Yard House staples to the unique seasonal batches that are always being rotated. If you love beer, you are going to be hard pressed to find a better place to sidle up at a bar than Yard House. For The Weekend Lineup there are two other great cocktails worth giving a try. The Strawberry Bourbonade is a bourbon drinker’s paradise. Maker's Mark Bourbon is combined with house-made citrus agave blend, fresh strawberry and basil, aromatic and orange bitters. This cocktail doesn’t hide from its bourbon origins, but offers just enough sweetness to change things up, making this a little more refreshing than your standard bourbon cocktail. Finally, the Sparkling Blood Orange was seemingly made for Southern California. A combination of Ketel One Oranje Vodka, Monin Blood Orange, orange juice, orange bitters and Zardetto Prosecco, this refreshing cocktail might be a great contrast to the heavy you food you may be ordering – or simply a great alternative to a mimosa. A little bubbly, but refreshing and strong, with the truly flavorful blood orange taste.

Yard House Bar

There are so many reasons to visit Yard House, from beer to cocktails, fantastic food, a great weekday happy hour and service that is second to none. The Weekend Lineup is perfect for enjoying the nearly 20 flat screen monitors throughout Yard House to catch football all weekend long. If you aren’t a football fan, The Weekend Lineup alone is worth coming into Yard House any day of the week!

For more information visit: Yard House

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