World Burger Tour 2017 - Hard Rock Cafe Gives You a Burger for Every Taste Bud

The World Burger Tour has become an eagerly anticipated event with the Hard Rock Cafe creating and masterminding some of the best flavors in the world in coming up with this menu. This menu celebrates the iconic food that was made famous by America and combines it with flavors from some of the most flavorful spots in the world.

Each time the Hard Rock Cafe rolls out a new creation it leaves you thinking, "how can they possibly top this?" Well they truly outdid themselves this time with some flavors that you likely have never experienced and they brought that city to your plate, regardless of the Hard Rock Cafe you are sitting in. The fact you can be sitting in any Hard Rock Cafe across the world and always get the same burger, same cocktail, same cauliflower wings, whatever it is, they have the recipes down so you always get the same flavors.

Who doesn't love a great Breakfast Burger? Well the Hard Rock Cafe created one that was inspired by London, England, so as you can guess it turned out pretty special. Truly the breakfast burger that all other breakfast burgers should be measured against, this burger takes the great patty to go with a perfect egg, but that is only the beginning. It is then topped off with breakfast sausage, ham, thus creating a meat-lovers paradise, then it is finished off with a grilled Portobello mushroom, arugula and tomato. This might just be a breakfast and lunch burger.

The Kimchi Burger brings the great flavors of Seoul, South Korea together in this Sriracha centric burger. The Certified Angus Beef® patty is topped with Sriracha-seasoned kimchi, bulgogi sauce, fresh tomato and lettuce and Sriracha mayo.

Jambalaya Burger brings the Cajun flavor of New Orleans with a great combination of ingredients. The Hard Rock Cafe took the Certified Angus Beef® patty and spiced it up and then added some of their in house Cajun mayo the very New Orleans style andouille sausage and topped it off with pepper jack cheese and to really set it apart they seemingly gave you an extra patty with the size of the jammin’ jambalaya rice cake that sits on top of the patty.

Colombian Plantain Burger brings the flavor of Cartagena, Colombia and even if you aren't familiar with that region, there is no question if you take the world tour to this area this burger will not disappoint. This burger brings together savory and sweet that invades your mouth in a way that you get a perfect amount of sweet and a perfect amount of salty in each bite. The savory comes from the Certified Angus Beef® patty that is topped with caramelized onions, bacon and Monterey Jack Cheese and then the unique sweet flavors of molasses and crunchy fried plantains top it off. The meal is finished off with a side of more crispy plantain chips and mojo sauce.

Colombian Plantain Burger

Burgers are never enough when it comes to the Hard Rock Cafe, they have put together an amazing lineup of cocktails to go with their latest burger creations. The Electric Blues brings together a plethora of spirits including; SMIRNOFF Vodka, Bacardi Superior Rum, Beefeater Gin, then it is topped off with DeKuyper Blue Curaco to give it that beautiful sky blue color and topped off with a splash of Sierra Mist. This is one of those cocktails that you could drink over and over, so flavorful but definitely potent. The Hard Rock brings in Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort to be the feature spirit in the Southern Rock, but the whiskey flavor is cut down to make the a more well-rounded cocktail by adding black raspberry liqueur and SMIRNOFF Vodka. The Hard Rock Cafe then finishes off this specialty cocktail menu for the World Burger Tour with its takes on three classic cocktails, the mojito, the hurricane and the Lovely 'Rita, which takes the margarita and gives you a float of Cointreau Orange Liqueur to give it a nice sweet and citrusy to finish it off.

If you are looking for the cocktail to end all cocktails the "Big Moose's Rising Star" at the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard is just that cocktail. A little on the sweet side, but that is what makes this a great cocktail to share and considering the size and the fact that you get to keep the star shaped glass, you must order one of these for your table. An assortment of flavored SMIRNOFF vodkas and then even more flavored liqueur and then topped off with the made from scratch sweet and sour leaves you with a cocktail that has a flavor for everyone. 

"Big Moose's Rising Star"

Great burgers are one reason to visit the Hard Rock Cafe, but throw in the fact that each restaurant has their own theme and memorabilia, each experience will be as unique as their burgers and cocktails. The World Burger Tour will not be bringing these parts of the world to their menu forever, so make sure to visit the Hard Rock Cafe soon so you can try all of these unique flavors. 

For more information visit: World Burger Tour

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