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My own experience has been that the tools I need for my trade are paper, tobacco, food, and a little whisky.                             William Faulkner
Mr. Faulkner would have forgotten about paper, tobacco and food if he was a guest at the recent Whiskey Live!  This amazing event was held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel and featured the superstars of Whiskies, Scotches, Bourbons and Craft Beers from around the world.    With over one hundred brands including superstars such as Jonnie Walker, Makers Mark, Crown Royal and other brands not familiar to the general public, this was a man’s heaven.
The event also featured remarkable spirit innovations, that even left this writer aghast, for instance, the “NEAT” company* (headed by Christine R. Crenek) which has developed a revolutionary whiskey drinking glass that adds an oblong shape to the classical whiskey glass.  This shape allows the flavor to escape and enhance a purist senses due to the dispersion of ethanol.
While there was no shortage of snooty whiskey lovers purveyors, some stood out, such as “Speyburn”, who insisted that everybody (and I quote) “know their shit” before tasting, smaller, lesser known organizations.  Speyburn did truly shined over the over confident (and frankly distasteful) counterparts.

One of the shining stars of the event was Dickel’s Bourbon, offering the only ninety proof Tennessee Whiskey selected by master distiller John Lunn. It had deeper, more assertive flavors, with an incredibly smooth finish. This beverage is produced with a chilled filter and maple charcoal, making this handmade whiskey without a doubt, an outstanding addition to the collection.
This event would not have been the success it was had it been held elsewhere. The Regency Hyatt in Century City, just west of Hollywood, has been a staple of luxury since it was opened; its lodgings and helpful staff only surpasses its fine dining and exquisite conference areas. It may be one of the most luxurious places to stay in the city of stars, located next to Beverly Hills.  This hotel has been the choice for dignitaries, celebrities and the rich and famous for half a century.  It was the perfect setting for the superstars previewed tonight.
The star of the show, hands down, was Four Roses Bourbon (located just outside Kentucky) and it truly stole the show. While others were concentrating on flash and panache, Four Roses focused on pure quality! It began in 1888, one of our country’s oldest distilleries, using unique ingredients this bourbon has captured the heart of this young journalist taste buds, history obsession and over all love of intoxication. Using limestone waters, high quality grain, two mash bills in daily production, five proprietary yeast strains, and ten different bourbon recipes, this bourbon has lasted through the ages since the early nineteen hundreds.

I encourage anyone with a taste for whiskey to attend an event like this, and as a personal opinion I encourage everyone to enjoy ‘Four Roses Bourbon’. I can confidently state it is my favorite spirit of all time.

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