Snoop Dogg Collaborates with Cuca Fresca Premium Brazilian Rum - Snoop Dogg Press Conference in the Hollywood Hills

Snoop Dogg has another Mega Hit on his hands, and it has nothing to do with music! Can you win a Grammy for having the Best Entertainer Liquor Collaboration?
Even though I live and work in Hollywood, this wasn’t a typical Monday night for me! I had the pleasure of spending it with Snoop Dogg! Yes, Snoopzilla, Snooplion, Bossman, the Dogfather himself!  The private gathering was to celebrate the genius partnership between Snoop Dogg and the Brazilian Rum Cuca Fresca Cachaça. Everyone knows the love that Snoop Dogg has for Brazil. He filmed his music video for the sexy song “Beautiful” along with Pharrell Williams which they won a BET Award for best collaboration.  While filming in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Snoop quickly fell in love with the beauty of the land, the variety of women and the rich culture it has to offer.

Cuca Fresca Brazilian Rum with Fresh Papaya juice

You’ve seen it before where entertainers endorse a product and the brand doesn’t match the entertainer. Well what I saw was short of a miracle, the most natural collaboration between artist and brand as you can get.  After 20 years in the music business, Snoop Dogg is now the proud brand ambassador and shareholder of Brazilian Rum Cuca Fresca Cachaça.  Cuca Fresca translates to “cool head”, also a common Brazilian term that means to have a chill vibe.

They Gifted the Journalist with a Bottle of Cuca Fresca to take home

Official Photo for the "Time to Drink Different" Campaign for Cuca Fresca Rum

The CEO of Cuca Fresca Cachaca Phoenix- Kelly Rappa invited me and a handful of other journalist to the Hercules Estate located in the Mt. Olympus area of the Hollywood Hills, all to celebrate the new monumental partnership.  The Official “Time to Drink Different” Campaign was to have a roundtable interview session with Snoop Dogg, and mix up some of his favorite cocktails with the mixologist on hand.

Mixologist Marcos Tello

Inside the Hercules Estate located in the Hollywood Hills of Mt. Olympus in Los Angeles



The night began at 6pm where guest were greeted at the door with a friendly welcome by Snoop Dogg’s publicist Bree Jones of Cashmere Agency. This estate was absolutely gorgeous, with a modern style design along with floor to ceiling windows, and panoramic views which was unfortunately overshadowed by the rain that evening. They served delicious small bits from sushi to authentic Brazilian appetizers; one of my favorites was the Bolinhos de bacalhau (Codfish Balls).

Inside the Hercules Estate in the Hollywood Hills

Delicious Authenic Brazilian food served for the nights festivities

Sushi Bar for the evening

We made our way to the main area where the Mixologist Marcos Tello and Brian Klemm were serving up the main entrée, Cuca Fresca Cocktails!  The premium brands of Cachaça are Cuca Fresca Prata, their signature product which is a premium silver and Cuca Fresca Ouro, a premium gold which is aged for four years.

One of the many delicious drinks served that evening called " Cool Head"

Snoop Dogg and CEO Phoenix Kelly - Rappa answer questions at the private Press Conference for Cuca Fresca Brazilian Rum

The mixologist mixed up a four completely different cocktails that evening, the ingredients ranged from lime juice and guava puree to nutmeg and St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram. Each drink was beyond delicious and refreshing even writing down the recipes to take home.  FOR RECIPES Visit Cuca Fresca for incredibly refreshing & delicious!!
While waiting for Snoop to arrive, I chatted up the gorgeous Audrina Patridge who was filming for her late night travel TV Show, 1st Look.  Also in attendance, freshly from winning SAG Awards for their TV Series,  Orange is the New Black, was Dascha Polanco and her costar Adrienne C. Moore. The ladies brought the funny, both very beautiful and extremely hilarious, added spice to the crowd which we all needed. 

Audrina Patridge and Dascha Polanca chat while waiting for Snoop Dogg to arrive

The moment we’d been waiting for had arrived, The CEO Phoenix-Kelly Rappa spoke to the crowd and expressed her admiration and respect for Snoop Dogg, and how the collaboration came about.
Secondly, she introduced his first advertisement for the brand, a commercial titled “Time to Drink Different”. The commercial is classy and ultra smooth.  While Snoop Dogg walks in slow motion engaging with a room of beautiful women, there’s a voiceover of him saying “You can’t be cool by being like everyone else, I always stay one step ahead”  he drinks Cuca Fresca and ends with saying “Flip the Script, stay ahead of the game, Drink Different”.  Just like every music video Snoop Dogg has done, he gets your undivided attention and this commercial spot is no different. Check out the commercial for yourself.

After many cocktails and conversations Snoop Dogg finally appears, comes down the stairs and makes his grand entrance along with his entourage.  His attire suits his demeanor, calm, cool and collected. Dressed in all black with accents of grey, he wore his signature sunglasses and hat. Snoop greets everyone and smiles while making his way to the bar area. We are all asked to participate in a group Q and A session. Each question and answer was funnier than the next.  Someone asked “what other things do you like about Brazilian culture”?  Snoop answered “ The Girls, the dancing, I like that their so serious about their dancing, um the music, soccer definitely soccer, and just the um, I like the hood I like the balance, I like the Ghetto of Brazil cause it really connected  with who I am”.. One of questions I asked was, “How are you going to promote this, you did gin and juice and now we have this, is this going to be in the videos, how are you gonna promote this yourself?”  He answered
“Well one thing about us we do it all original, we different. We don’t do what the norm do, we actually find ways to make it fit. Like it’s a natural marriage right now the way it fits with what I am and who i am.  So I think that’s the way it will probably be you know, promoted that the way it will come out. We don’t really never don’t want to force it, we never force it, go and duplicate something we did already, we about the feeling, about feeling different”.

Snoop Dogg and I pose for Photos

Orange is the New Black Co-Stars Adrienne C Moore and Dascha Polanca take a selfie with Snoop Dogg




After the interview ended, the group of journalist and partygoers went to the bar and ordered more cocktails. We took a class from the mixologist to make our specialty cocktails, so on each table we had a bottle of Cuca Fresca, fresh juice, mint, your choice of fresh guava or passion fruit juice to mix. Meanwhile, Snoop Doog and the ladies from Orange is the New Black did some old school steppin. We all stood and watched the entertainment unfold.  As the night came to an end, we all engaged and took photos with the man of the hour.  And in a blink of an eye, Snoop Dogg departed the way he arrived, with a cool-head. Cuca Fresca, Drink Different.


Snoop Dogg and CEO Phoenix Kelly - Rappa and Guest

Audrina Patridge and I

Audrina Patridge and sister Casey Loza came out to chat with Snoop Dogg and

Adrienne C Moore and Dascha Polanco of Orange is the New Black mixing up their own concoctions from the Cuca Fresca Rum

Snoop Doog toast with the CEO Phoenix Kelly- Rappa and guest

Mixologist Brian Klemm

Snoop says " Raise the Bar, Set the Trend

Enjoying Cuca Fresca a Kiwi and Lime Concoction from the bar


RECIPES for the most refreshing and tasty cocktails by Cuca Fresca Brazilian Rum

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Photos Provided by Cashmere Agency and Donica Photography




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