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No, this is not some geo seismic tectonic activity. Although, it could be deemed seismic on the gastro and cultural scale.  It’s Project by Project’s (PbP) annual signature fundraising event Plate by Plate Tasting Benefit, featuring star chefs, top rated restaurants and beverages, with 100 percent of the net proceeds raised going to PbP, a non-profit organization.

Plate by Plate 2012


15th anniversary heavenly moist cake by Cakes Made With Love. - Plate by Plate 2012


Colorful edible eats. - Plate by Plate 2012


Held at the beautiful Vibiana Cathedral in downtown LA, the 10th annual food and wine festival had celebrated PbP’s 15th year anniversary, and it is a shame that I had not known about it before. And, admittedly, during course of the evening, regret washed over me, reflecting on great times missed. 

It is truly a delectable midsummer’s evening affair. All the ingredients in the right balance, delicious food & drink, gorgeous backdrop, great ambience and kicking music (playlist even included Skrillex, yesss).

Guests, participants, and staff were in jovial spirits, and socializing on all levels was abound. I cannot possibly cover all the wonderful experiences encountered before this article becomes a novel. However, I will point out highlights and let the photos (lots of them below) do the rest of the talking...or writing.

Jumping into food. I’ll begin by saying I was pleasantly surprised by the efforts put forth by most of the participants in creating complex dishes.  It’s not uncommon at food festivals, and culinary events to find most dishes are simply prepared to cater to the large number of people. Chaya Brasserie’s chef Kenjo prepared a summer crostini with homemade fromage blanc, crushed stone fruit, serrano ham dressed in lemon olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I could it eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, need I say more? As a fan of chef and restaurant owner Neal Fraser (BLD and the soon to re-open Grace), his grilled octopus with pickled watermelon, shiso and micro frise did not disappoint. Others were wowed by a Japanese creation of kompachi, kona, ogo seaweed, toasted ginger on sugar kill melon by chef David Féau (The Royce in The Langham Hotel, Pasadena).

Chef David Féau of The Royce at work. Plate by Plate 2012


Chaya Brasserie. Yummmm. - Plate by Plate 2012


How did I forgot to try this? Chef Matt Wolfe from West Restaurant, your dish has my mouth watering! - Plate by Plate 2012

Best drinks. In addition to some very good wineries, micro breweries, sakes which included an unfiltered brand, the were a few crowd favs. One, a very Sexy Beach cocktail concocted by mixologist Pablo Moix (Black Market Liquor Bar) comprised of overproof Jamaican rum, pisco, cochi americano (fortified wine), champagne, pineapple and bitters.  That’s a mouthful.  Exactly where it should be! On a more refreshing note, being doled out by Damien was champagne splashed with St. Germain Liqueur, an elderflower cordial wonderfully sippable on its own. Premium vodka Ketel One took center stage in the courtyard, reminding us that cocktails of old can happily and easily wet our whistles today. Not to mention, the Ketel One folks know how to have fun and we wanted to be part of it too!  

Plate by Plate 2012


Some seriously good premium vodka. Ketel One Vodka - Plate by Plate 2012

Mo Chica and Picca's latin fusion hamburgesa. - Plate by Plate 2012

Haven Gastropub - Plate by Plate 2012

Chef Greg Daniels of Haven Gastropub - Plate by Plate 2012


Haven Gastropub - Plate by Plate 2012

St. Germain Liqueur - Plate by Plate 2012


St. Germain Liqueur and champagne. A refreshing must try! - Plate by Plate 2012

Tasty Tubs fancy flavored cotton candy. - Plate by Plate 2012

Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012


Toms - Plate by Plate 2012

A few other worthy notes. It was a nice touch for Plate by Plate to include a free raffle ticket to guests with a chance to win prizes such as a $100 gift certificate to Chaya Brasserie. It generated extra excitement later in the evening as guests scrutinized their numbers in hopes they were a winner. And, while there was no shortage of chefs and participants full with personality, one could say the same for the foie gras as there was a selection of offerings, which included 4 lbs of the fat being raffled off!  There's more. Many participants provided enticement to visit their locations or try their products, by offering guests redeemable vouchers for complimentary items or discounts. For the caffeine lovers, given how busy Cafe Dulce was, coffee looked to be a sure welcome as a beverage option, especially when nibbling on desserts. Finally, I’ll add that I liked the use of ambient lighting, and the event layout which allowed for good crowd flow. All of it adding up to a well organized benefit.

Bottom line:  Is it worth it?  YES. This is a culinary event with great value, all for a good cause. It is a must attend.  Make sure to have it on your radar for next year.

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About Project by Project
Project by Project (PbP) is a 501(c)3 national volunteer organization of social entrepreneurs focusing on issues relating to the Asian American community by raising public awareness, volunteerism and capital.

PbP selects a different theme to champion from year to year. Local chapters select a community-based organization that is focused on issues within that theme and tailors a year-long campaign to help its fundraising, community outreach and public awareness efforts.

About Plate by Plate 2012

The participants of this year’s Plate by Plate provided delectable and diverse samplings from their specialized menus; all of which were completely donated for this benefit. The 2012 Plate by Plate restaurants and beverage purveyors include:

Bistro LQ                                                           


Black Hogg                                                           

Seoul Sausage

Broadway by Amar Santana                       

Short Order | Short Cake


Anahita Naderi


Chef Jack Lee, Chinoise Cuisine

Haven Gastropub & Brewery                       

Fluff Ice

Mess Hall                                                            


Pour Vous                                                         

Millesime Cellars

Stone Brewery                                                

PIL Beer and Sake

Café Dulce                      

Prive Water

Playa | Rivera                                               

Quady Wine


Red Bull

Picca | Mo-Chica                                           

So Cal Bev

Charlie Palmer                                                

Starry Kitchen


Tasty Clouds

San Vicente Cellars                                   

The Bruery

Chaya Brasserie                                               

The Royce

Night + Market                                        

Topanga Vineyard

Little Bear or Maximilliano                       

Veev liquor


West Restaurant & Lounge

Fat Spoon                                                            

Wilshire Restaurant

Fundamental LA                                             

Wood & Vine

Lazy Ox Canteen                                                

XT Patisserie

Plate by Plate 2012 Celebrating 15 years!!!

Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012

Plate by Plate 2012


Spring rolls with lobser curry sauce from Chinoise. - Plate by Plate 2012

Short Cake desserts. Was that a dark chocolate ganache on the melt in your mouth brownie? - Plate by Plate 2012


Short Order savory. - Plate by Plate 2012

Sous Chef extraordinaire Victor Boroda of Scarpetta - Plate by Plate 2012


Wood & Vine good eats on...wood. - Plate by Plate 2012

Plate by Plate 2012


Black Market Liquor Bar's cocktail Sexy Beach. - Plate by Plate 2012

Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012

Playa Restaurant - Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012

Pig in the grass... - Plate by Plate 2012


Walk to his own beat Chef and Owner of Starry Kitchen. - Plate by Plate 2012

Good, but less than stellar paella. - Plate by Plate 2012

Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012


In need of a spicy quencher? - Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012


Start your bidding! - Plate by Plate 2012


The best "Tru" organic vodka. - Plate by Plate 2012



An average pudding from Jar Restaurant. - Plate by Plate 2012


Bistro LQ's foie gras, lobster gelé and salmon roe. - Plate by Plate 2012

Plate by Plate 2012


Plate by Plate 2012

Plate by Plate 2012

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