Milagro Tequila - A Delicious Tequila Tasting at the Beautiful Rivera Restaurant Downtown Los Angeles

April 23rd 2012,Tequila Ambassador Goston Martinez instructed a selective group of media and guests to create and sample some of their own Milagro signature cocktails at the Rivera Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

Tequila Ambassador Gaston Martinez

The evening started with some appetizers from the Rivera kitchen: delicious mini tacos with duck comfit and goat cheese and beautifully hand made tortillas adorned w/ rose petals and rosemary served with an avocado spread called the “Indian butter”.

Tortillas Florales

While we snacked Gaston introduced us to the story of Danny and Moy, the Milagro owners, who had both grown up in Mexico City and loved tequila. They wanted to bring a new innovative approach to their tequila that reflects the contemporary Mexico, both felt they had grown up in. At the same time they wanted to use traditional and old world techniques. With the purchase of an estate in the Jalisco highlands and working with a master distiller they achieved a liquid of the “miracle” or “Milagro” tequila that is fresh, crisp and agave forward.

Milagro Tequila

Just as every one settled into their chair examining the beautiful display of fruits and vegetables on our table, we were encouraged to start mixing our own first cocktail.

1) Combine cucumbers, cilantro and on jalapeño. Muddle it and then add the Milagro Silver tequila and the traditional margarita mix, consisting of limejuice, agave and H2O and then shake it with ice into perfection and strain liquid into a glass with ice. This drink really works well with the first course: Piquillos peppers, baked Spanish peppers, stuffed with chorizo, golden raisins, and Gruyere and fontina cheese.

 Next up: Enselada Semana Santa. Fresh garbanzos, medjool date vinegar, Sevilla oranges and Moorish spices in the shape of a face on your plate. Exciting!

2) The next Milagro drink: Combine 4 pcs of pineapple, 2 leaves of basil, muddle, Milagro Reposado tequila, add 3 drops of Angostura Aromatic bitter, margarita mix and shake with ice, then strain into glass with ice.

 Course number three, the Brazilian Fejoada, consisted of a delicious fire-grilled lamb, Brazilian bean and chorizo stew in a Malbec reduction.

3) Muddle 3-4 blackberries, sage leaves, add 3 dashes of bitter, Milagro Anejo tequila, Margarita base and shake with ice.

The Rivera served a beautiful selection of flans as a dessert called Estudio En Flan, showcasing penne cotta, medium dark flan and dulce de leche flan served with a caramel, strawberry and curry sauce that was decadent!

The evening ended with a flight of their select barrels,

Milagro reserve Silver with mint on the rocks, Milagro reserve Reposado with spices and the Milagro reserve Anejeo with grated chocolate.

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