Mastro's Beverly Hills- The Best Steak House Around

Have you been to Mastros? What did you think?

My husband, Jason, and I went here 3/3/12 to celebrate Valentine’s day. Every year, we each take turns going to a new restaurant, and this year was his year. We usually go the Saturday after Valentine’s day, to avoid the crowds, but this year was a little different. I was in the hospital for 4 days in February, and got out on Valentine’s day. So we waited a few weeks for me to fully recover.

First things first, this is a steakhouse and they mean it! Jason and I love steak (rib eye, filet, and prime rib are our favorites), so we were really looking forward to going here. We checked out the menu and planned our course of action.

We had a 6:45pm reservation and got there on time, and we were immediately seated in the dining room behind the curtain (there is a second floor, but we were sat on the first floor). The dining room is big, but crowded. There isn’t a lot of space between tables, but it’s not terribly noisy.

Our server was peppy and sweet. She told us the specials and didn’t sound tired, like some people do when repeating the menu. The bread basket was brought with hot breads, about 4 or 5 different ones, and butter. The pretzel bread was the best (I had to take all the salt off). We get our drinks, I got a cosmo that came with dry ice in the glass and Jason got a Karl Straus “Big Barrel Double” IPA beer. The cosmo was pretty strong and it came with the shaker, so I kinda got 3 drinks in one. Jason liked his beer, which wasn’t as gross as the other IPA’s he usually drinks.

We skipped appetizers and just ordered our dinner. I got a bone in petit filet and Jason got a bone in Wagyu HUGE steak. For sides we got creamed spinach and macaroni and cheese. Oh! My! Goodness! Everything was sooooo good. The steaks were seasoned perfectly, not too salty either (which was excellent). The creamed spinach wasn’t irony and was sooo good. The gorgonzola macaroni and cheese was just delicious. I was surprised it was that good. Not only was it gooey, but flavorful too.

For dessert, we split a piece of their signature Warm Butter cake which comes with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top drizzled with salted caramel, a  couple slices of of strawberries and mandarin oranges, and a big side of homemade whipped cream. The first bite, Jason and I just look at each other and shake our heads. It’s that good. After the second and third bites, we both say at the same time, “It’s ridiculous”. Oh yes, it is really that good. When the waitress comes to ask about how we like it, we tell her how ridiculous it is too. The picture doesn’t do it much justice.

This was our 10th Valentine’s Day together, and after dinner, Jason suggested we have a new tradition…that we got to Mastro’s every year for Valentine’s Day, and I agreed. Maybe in 10 years, we’ll start another tradition.


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