L.A. Times The Taste 2012 Review - The Food & Wine Festival Wraps the Summer Season, Day 2

The Breakdown

Flavours of LA - Sunday Afternoon ($65 per ticket)
It’s around the world in 4 hours. And there’s more wine lessons, cooking demos, and panel discussions with a focus on international flavours, and authentic dishes. 

They wanted us to eat this whole, as in head, shell, and all! The Spice Table Restaurant - The Taste 2012

The Highlights

Black Market Liquor & Bar had it going on. Bartender extraordinaire Pablo Moix was ladling out the ideal afternoon refresher, a London style dry gin, champagne, rosado (Spanish vermouth), pineapple juice, lime, and bitters. The line-up was insane.  All too eager to get their hands on Chef Antonia Lofaso’s baby heirloom eggplant tidbit with chard, sesame seeds, soy, and the three “o’s” miso, shiso, and bonito flakes. Next up, lightly crusted fried Fanny Bay oyster with sriracha aioli on jicama. And, for the sweet tooth, BMLB’s ever popular deep fried fluffer-nutter. Fluffer what?? It’s what you get when you take peanut butter, marshmallow, and banana, and smoosh them together in a sandwich. It was all deelishhh!

London offshoot Tamarind (Newport Beach), brought out the gourmet in Indian cuisine. Tangy crispy semolina shells with spiced chick pea stuffing, yogurt aioli and tamarind chutney drizzled on top, and sprinkled with chick pea confetti.  For the beverage, a creamy, smooth mango-passion fruit lassi.

Creamy smooth organic gelato flavours such as Sicilian almond, Kona macadamia nut, and Florentine chocolate from Bulgarini Gelato was one way we cooled down.

Chopin’s Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur, my #1 liqueur at The Taste. Take your two favourite things alcohol (in this case Chopin Vodka), then mix in melted dark chocolate.  Heavenly! 

Pablo Moix of Black Market Liquor Bar - The Taste 2012


Mmmm... Bulgarini Gelato - The Taste 2012


Dorda Double Chocolate Liqeuer - The Taste 2012

Dinner & Drinks - Sunday Evening ($65 per ticket)
The art of pairing artisanal brew, and fanciful drinks with signature dishes. Yes, there’s evening more talking, well actually, more boozy demos.

The Highlights

The best signature bite of the night was vegan! No kidding! Buffalo wing flavoured cauliflower from Mohawk Bend.  One might almost think they’re eating straight up chicken wings. Of course, I kept returning for more.

Masataka Punch made with Taketsuru Pure Malt, a super premium 12 year old whiskey, brut french cider, bittersweet vermouth, chai simple syrup, aromatic bitters, and yuzu “mist” which was sprayed into every cup before adding the punch.  Perhaps the perfect nightcap?

Chef de Cuisine Michael Fiorelli (Mar’sel, Terranea Resort) was busy in his pop up resort kitchen preparing a seasonal delight created by Chef Bruce Nguyen (Bashi, Terranea Resort). Caramelized juicy jumbo shrimp topped with a dab of siracha coulis, fried shallots, and micro cilantro, on shredded mango papaya salad with nuoc cham dressing.

A spirited drink? Ultra premium Double Cross Vodka displayed in its aesthetically pleasing, sleek rectangular glass bottle. The vodka is made with 100% organic wheat, distilled 7 times, and filtered 7 times. Thumbs up to the watermelon summer soother. The ideal bevvy companion. 

Ooooh the buffalo wing flavoured cauliflower... Mohawk Bend - The Taste 2012


Excellent whiskey! Taketsuru Pure Malt - The Taste 2012


Chefs Elie Chow and Michael Fiorelli of Terranea Resort - The Taste 2012


Amazing! Double Cross Vodka - The Taste 2012

It’s been a full day. Time to rest the weary feet. Four down, one more event to go! 

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Okonoyumaki made by the hilarious guys at Gottsui. - The Taste 2012


Delectable Blum's coffee crunch cake. Valerie Confections - The Taste 2012


Flavourful Ethiopian. Meals by Genet - The Taste 2012


Lightly sweetened, and lots of flavours. Schulzie Bread Pudding - The Taste 2012


Bush Mills - The Taste 2012


The Taste 2012


The Taste 2012


The Taste 2012


Rosebud Cakes - The Taste 2012


Bring on the meat. Boa Steakhouse - The Taste 2012


The Taste 2012


The Taste 2012


Juicy melt in your mouth Sterling Silver Premium NY Roast. Sysco - The Taste 2012


The Taste 2012


The Taste 2012


The Taste 2012 (photo courtesy of The Los Angeles Times)


The Taste 2012 (photo courtesy of The Los Angeles Times)


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