Killer Shrimp and Absolut Elyx Review - Serving Pure Consistency and Integrity to the Masses

The Scene! Photo Courtesy of Killer Shrimp

Recently a select group of journalists were able to try the best of both worlds at Killer Shrimp in Marina del Rey.  The dinner showcased signature dishes of Killer Shrimp as well as paired cocktails with Absolut Elyx!

Delicious and Fresh Ahi Tuna Poke. Photo Courtesy of Killer Shrimp

Over the course of the evening guests munched on local favorites and special dishes of Killer Shrimp. The first course was nothing short of rich and hearty! Ahi Tuna Poke prepared with freshly diced ahi tuna with shallots, scallions, avocado, and in-house prepared wontons.  The Lobster Mac 'N' Cheese came fully packed with large pieces of lobster mixed with cheddar and jack cheese. Cocktail pairing was "The Rickey," which was light and fresh which was perfect for the starter.

Lobster Mac 'N' Cheese! Photo Courtesy of Killer Shrimp

The Rickey: Served with Absolut Elyx, simple syrup, lime, and mint leaves.
My favorite meal of the evening was the Killer Shrimp. The family recipe is over 30 years old and pays homage to its origin. Killer Shrimp consist of: 15 large shrimp simmering in their luxurious spicy broth, served with fresh french bread. 
One thing that stays true over the dish - it's consistency. " Consistency has always been our number one policy here," states Billy Valdez General Manager of Killer Shrimp. "We have had guests that have been here with us over the years and they say the dish has remained consistent."

Their Signature Dish, "THE Killer Shrimp Shelled." Over 30 Years in the Making! Photo Courtesy of Killer Shrimp.

The drink of choice for the second course was the Elyx Martini, which was simple and smooth. The lillet blanc and dash of lemon oil complimented the savory meat as well as balanced the spice in the Killer Shrimp dish. Thanks to the unique copper catalyzation process used, drinking a glass of Absolut Elyx will immediately be followed by a silk smooth finish which was highlighted with this beverage.
Elyx Martini: Served with Absolut Elyx, lillet blanc, and lemon oil.

The BEST Pecan Pie You Will EVER Have! Photo Courtesy of Killer Shrimp

For dessert we had their original decadent sweet potato pecan pie with whipped cream and a stackable smores in a mason jar paired with their light tiki style vanilla passion cocktail.
Vanilla Passion: Featuring Absolut Elyx combined with passion fruit, vanilla liqueur, lemon, and jalepeno. 
Choosing Absolut Elyx as a partner in the evening was sheer perfection. The brand has always distributed a clean, filtered, smooth crafted premier vodka with character. The inspiration behind Elyx stems from its heritage of producing an award winning vodka that gives back. For every bottle of Elyx sold in the US, one week's supply of safe water will be donated to someone in need. Not only is every drop of Absolut Elyx made from soft winter wheat from a single estate, but every single batch is 100% traceable. 

Here's To Drinking With Integrity with Absolut Elyx. Photo Courtesy of Absolut Elyx Facebook

Since it's first original location on Washington, Killer Shrimp has moved to Marina del Rey and not only expanded its menu but continues to and cater to its underground following. Celebrating 5 years in the marina, the restaurant delivers the perfect backdrop set for a perfect evening out on the water. 

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