Fourth Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival Review – The Definitive Food Event in Los Angeles

Once the Fourth Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival concluded, trying to think of something else that they possibly could have added to make this event even better was a futile task, it had it all. Only some of the best chefs from everywhere, which of course meant food that left you speechless. That food was paired with some of the most amazing wineries in the country and throw in entertainment and it all added up to one fantastic four-day party.

Chefs Ray Garcia (L) and Fabio Viviani (R) with Chase Sapphire and LA Food Bank

Ricotta crostini and cavatelli with sausage from Chef Antonia Lofaso

Things really got going on a stunning Thursday night in downtown Los Angeles with what was fittingly homage to local chefs with the Ultimate Bites of L.A.  This was simply a collection of some of the most amazing chefs in Los Angeles with such mouth-watering dishes as the ricotta crostini and cavatelli with sausage from Chef Antonia Lofaso of Black Market Liquor Bar in Studio City. The excitement of the evening came in the form of the Chase Sapphire Preferred Chef Challenge that saw chefs Fabio Viviani and Ray Garcia team up to win the event and with their win Chase Sapphire donated $20,000 to the Los Angeles Food Bank.

Chef Robert Liberato of STK

“L.A. Food and Wine is definitely one of my favorite food events of the entire year, it is for a good cause, it is just a great time, everyone is having funand you get to hang out with some great chefs,” Chef Robert Liberato of STK said. “People can just come gather, taste, drink and have a good time, this is truly the ultimate one bite night.”

Enjoying the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival

Friday afternoon was lunchtime, but very much unlike any other luncheon guests probably experienced. The Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival had a stellar lineup of chefs at various locations in Los Angeles and you could choose to have a dining experience at the hands of; Michael Hung and Dominique Crenn, Sven Mede and Elizabeth Falkner, Scott Conant and Graham Elliot, Nancy Silverton and Jonathan Waxman, Michelle Bernstein and more! These two-and-a-half hour feasts certainly would turn into meals that guests would remember the rest of their lives.

Chef Marcel

Eating this spectacular food is one thing, but if you were interested in learning how they actually create this food in the kitchen and take it to your plate, the cooking demonstrations throughout the event were spectacular. Chef Graham Elliot got things going on Thursday evening with his cooking demonstration to begin the event and then throughout the weekend there were demonstrations from Iron Chef Morimoto, Chef, Scott Conant, Chef Richard Blais and others.

Cocktails from the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

A Perfect Stella

When it came to keeping everyone entertained, the Food & Wine Festival did not disappoint as they brought out Common on Saturday to the mainstage. Common put on a performance worthy of the event and the packed crowd loved every minute of his performance that closed the evening. The rest of the weekend was filled with world-class DJ's and who could not be entertained by the big personalities that the chefs provided.

Common live Saturday night Downtown Los Angeles

It was hard to not leave happy after attending events such as the Lexus Grand Tasting, Lexus Live on Grand that each featured 25 chefs and hundreds of wineries. The hours just flew by at these events and you never did seem to have enough time to take in all of the flavors that were offered. Friday night was Asian Night Market Hosted by Iron Chef Morimoto. This featured 25 restaurants, beer, sake and custom cocktails along with wine.

The Fourth Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival certainly lived up to expectations with a lineup of chefs that was unparalleled, cocktails, beer and wine. The food and drinks were as good as it gets but once you mix in the atmosphere, amazing people in attendance and the fun, this is one event that should just be an automatic addition to your calendar every year. Your only dilemma is deciding what events to choose!

Goose Island Beer

For more information visit Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival.

The Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival also works to raise money for the Berkley Foundation and NOKID Hungry.

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