Beverly Hills Chocolate Tour Review - A Great Gift For Everyone for Any Occasion

Chocolate is a symbol of love, it creates happiness and joy, that is why chocolate is always on a top list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Beverly Hills Chocolate Tour offers a different way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with chocolate for you and your loved one.

It’s a 2.5 hour tour with a professional guide through the historic chocolate shops in Beverly Hills. Indulge your self when tasting the chocolate samples from every shop on the tour plus getting special offers from every purchase in most of the shops. You might also spot shopping celebrities and aspiring stars in Beverly Hills. Learn all about the architecture and local Hollywood legends. You don’t have to worry about the extra chocolate calories as you can burn those off while you walk.

Casey Martin

On the first day of February, the month of love, I got the chance to experience the Beverly Hills Walking Chocolate Tours.  I was so lucky that day the tour was guided by the founder, Casey Martin who greeted me and other participants with her ‘as warm and sweet as chocolate’ smile. She has been running the tour for 4 years every Thursday and Sunday afternoon all year round. This is why the tour is also a great gift for moms, grads and dads.

The tour started at the world’s first cupcake bakery, Sprinkles. It is a cute busy shop with eye-catchy colorful decoration, and the most awesome thing is the cupcake ATM machine. There is always a very long queue at the ATM as it is such a fun way to choose and buy your cupcakes. While the person from Sprinkles explained the history of Sprinkles, we tasted their original chocolate marshmallow cupcakes.


The tour continued by walking through the most famous street in Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. It is known for an ultimate luxury shopping experience for so many years.  Here is where all the most luxurious brands can be found and off course where some celebrities can be spotted. We stopped for a while to take some pictures while Casey explained about the history of Rodeo Drive that apparently developed as a shopping district in 70’s and become famous in 80’s.

The second shop we visited is Coupa Café, located just 1 block to the left from Rodeo Drive. Coupa Cafe featuring an international menu combined with the best of authentic Venezuelan dishes. We got to taste a cup of Mayan Hot Chocolate, a mix of cayenne peppers, cinnamon and premium Venezuelan chocolate. I may say this drink is very unique, a good mix of sweet and savory that makes you feel comfort and energized at the same time.

Coupa Cafe

Casey seems to understand that after the two rich-chocolate experiences, we somehow need to balance. She then brought us to the American Tea Room. I was wondering why would she brings us to the tea house on a chocolate tour, then I got the answer; they have Choco-Late blend, a caffeine and fat free antioxidant-rich rooibos with brown cacao husks, dark flecks of vanilla bean that gives sweet and woody aroma.

American Tea Room

American Tea Room also has the biggest collections of Earl Grey and rare Matcha blends. It is probably one of the best teashop that I ever seen in my life. It has not only many kinds of different tea from all over the world, but also beautiful exclusive tea sets that tea lovers would be thrilled to have at home.

Beautiful Tea Sets

After the cupcake and chocolate drinks indulgence, now it is time for even richer indulgence.. brownies!! The Beverly Hills Brownie Company simply makes us having the biggest and sweetest smile of the day. It has 23 unique varieties of brownies from red velvet, peanut brittle, s’mores, salted caramel and some are gluten-free.

They are as fabulous-looking as they are sumptuous-tasting and uniquely shaped so that every individual brownie has an edge on each side and a center.

uniquely shaped so that every individual brownie has an edge on each side

The tour got even better as we stepped in to the next place, The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, an amazing shop with the most rare, hand made, farm fresh cheeses.

The Cheese Store also carries the essentials for serious cooking: artesian chocolates, olive oils, Austrian pumpkin seed oil, French walnut and hazelnut oil, varieties aged over 50 and 100 years of balsamic vinegars, seasonal white and black truffles, the best charcuteries and the freshest caviar.

Et voila, I found myself getting crazy in a cheese store on a chocolate tour!

Two hours seemed too short without realizing that we finally got in to the last store. From outside Vosges Haut-Chocolate looks just like a common fancy looking chocolatier in Paris. It is far beyond than that.  As I entered the shop I discovered that they inspire people to interact with the world in a different way, through esteemed craftsmanship chocolate as a power of storytelling.

Perfect gift for Valentine

Their chocolates are made from the finest ingredients from all over the world. And their signature creation is Bacon and Chocolate. Two equally obsessive foods come together to create an unbelievable taste combination of sweet, smoky and savory. We got to sample all of their chocolates, as you can imagine; it was really the last but not least.

Chocolate with Bacon

I have to say this is such an amazing experience for everyone, especially chocolate lovers.  When you hear ‘chocolate tour’ some people might think that it will be too much. Well it is not, because Casey and her team really understand what to give to you so that you will have the most memorable chocolate experience ever. Book your tour on this month of love and get a special Valentine’s Day offer. 

Pictures happily taken by Jason Gurvitz.


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