Alpine Village Oktoberfest - Review: A Taste of Germany in Torrence


 Germany is famous for many things, great beer, bratwurst, lederhosen, and Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest celebration began with a royal marriage.  Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810 and Bavarians did what Bavarians do, they threw a party!  That original celebration turned out so wunderbar that the Bavarians decided to do it again, and again, again.  The folk festival expanded into two-and-a-half weeklong party that brings 7 million visitors to Munich every year.  The 2010 celebration was the 200th anniversary of the original Oktoberfest and mini-festivals have been recreated throughout the world.


The Alpine Village located in Torrance, celebrates Oktoberfest each and every year as it has since 1968.  We recreate The great festival is recreated for 7 weeks during September and October complete with oom-pah-pah bands flown in direct from Deutschland, German bier, and our authentic, homemade Bratwurst and Polish sausages.  Last year nearly 70,000 patrons came to revel in the festivities, and this year they will continue the fun. So check it out and see what it’s all about!


A friend and I were treated to an early taste-of-Oktoberfest with a sumptuous buffet and plenty of beer (Paulaner Oktoberfest Wiesn - the authentic bier of the Munich Oktoberfest since 1634) flown in from Germany. This German feast included, glazed pork chops, chicken cordon bleu (wait a minute, isn’t that French?), saurkraut, german potato salad, green salad, assorted side dishes, homemade garlic toast and to top it off, for dessert we noshed on fresh apple struedel and black forest cake. Yummy. And as a lovely parting gift, we were given an authentic glass beer stein and a quart of Paulaner bier.


This year’s lineup of entertainment includes The Haderlumpen & Udelhoevner Dorfmusikanten Oom Pah Pah bands, flown in straight from Deustchland!  Each night’s festivities are hosted by the one and only Heino!, a tribute to the great celebrity from Baden Baden known as “The Voice of Germany”. Energetic singers and dancers performed at our pre-Oktoberfest event with a variety of choreographed numbers. Click on the video link below to see a sample of the night’s talent.


 In addition to Oktoberfest, Alpine Village has a market; a variety of souvenir shops and a Café that are all open year round. The Alpine Village Market staff put a lot of effort into procuring the finest products that Europe has to offer.  Their fine imported brands include: Chocolates-Mozartkugeln, Lindt, Milka, After Eight, Kinder Chocolate, Hanuta, Duplo, Ritter Sport, Cake and Pie Mix-Dr. Oetker, Coffee-Jacobs, Tchibo, Eduscho, Dallmayr, Potato Dumplings-Dr. Willi Knoll, Kartoffelland, Werners,Spaetzle-Hofbauer, Pfanni, Bechtle, Riesa, Maggi, Pate-Giovanni’s, Champagne Delight. Gravy & Soups-Maggi and Knorr, Tea-Onno Behrends Tea, Pickwick, Teekanne, Messmer, Kings Gold, J&R and Twinings, Pickled Items, Sauerkraut, Syrups-Vavel, Darbo, Kruegerman, Nora, Kuehne, Hengstenberg and Gundelsheim, Cookies-Bahlsen and Fish-Hawesta, Ruegen Fisch, and Alstertor.

The Alpine butchers stuff 10,000 pounds of authentic sausages each week.  They follow generations-old recipes handed down from parents to children.  We jealously guard our recipes from imitators.  Our sausages tend to be more finely ground, balanced and mild in flavor than sausages produced by the big factory processors. If you are looking for authentic, artisanal, and award-winning sausages in Southern California then there is only one place to come:  The Alpine Market.  If you show up early enough you might catch Wurstmeister Alex Lagger in time to say hello and shake his hand.  He is a true craftsman!



Early each morning their bakers roll up their sleeves and get to work producing authentic European-style baked goods such as homemade tortes, pastries, breads, and rolls. Their cookies and cakes are hand made and hand decorated and we are not too modest to say that our giant soft pretzels have an absolutely addictive taste and texture that you must try! Having a wedding or party? Wedding and party cakes are their specialty! Their talented cake designers can create custom portrait cakes from any photograph or produce a custom design of such beauty that it would a shame to slice up if the cake wasn’t so delicious that is!



When you visit the Alpine Market, make sure you come to their deli, The Alpine Market Cafe. Made with much of the same FRESH imported products available in our Market, the food is VERY tasty and comes at a great deal featuring such dishes as Bratwurst with Rotkohl, Schweinebraten, Gulasch, and Schweinshaxe. It’s an old fashioned meat counter where you can buy authentic European homemade sausages, cold cuts and cheeses, as well as…Bratwurst, Polish Sausage, Wienerwurst, Liverwurst Pate, Biershinken, Laber Kase, Salamis, Sauerbraten, Alpine Ham, Black Forest Ham, Head Cheese and much more! Our deli was voted Best “German Deli” in the Best of Los Angeles in Los Angeles Magazine in 1996!

So put on your lederhosen, dust off your bier stein and head to Torrance for Alpine Villages annual Oktoberfest  begining September 9th (every Friday, Saturday & Sunday), and running through October 23rd 2011. The Oompah band will be blasting, the German Freuleins will be serving and beer will be flowing. To be safe though, you might want to find yourself a designated driver.


For more information or to get tickets, visit the website at

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