30Thirty's Masquerade Chef's Table Private Event Review - 'A Celebration of Life, Love, and FOOD'

Amsterdam does it, Uruguay indulges in it, Colorado has run away with it taking the concept and reaching record breaking business heights yielding $3.5 Million In Taxes And Fees, even Washington is on board and if its good for the capital its high time Cannabis Capitol Cali takes it to the next level! Andrea Drummer and Nikole Ross are definitely on the forefront of mastering the potential with their membership based supperblub 30Thirty. So much brilliance, when I met this two women, I would say where do I begin but let's start with the meaning of their name and trickle down the layer of the marvelous components that I know will be a formidable enterprise NOT to be overlooked!

Rich and savory menu of Cajun inspired cuisine with unequivocal notes of French technique

The name 30Thirty 'Food Elevated', stems from Andrea and Nikole respective birthdates being on the 30th, so seemingly fated for them to partner up on an amazing concept. Now 'Elevation…Food Elevated' is where the fun begins and the possibilities are endless! 

Beautiful decor giving us a semblance of Nola


The Chef, Andrea Drummer, 'Infused for your Elevation' Libations, she is so carefully attuned to every last detail

"Elevation is a membership-based supper club for connoisseurs of cuisine and food elevated. This platform, the perfect departure from the traditional restaurant experience, brings together an eclectic mix of diners from various backgrounds, professions and experiences. Yet all share the same adventurous spirit and desire to expand their culinary horizons." ~30Thirty 

Beautiful decor giving us a semblance of Nola

The Chef, Andrea Drummer, laser focused for palate perfection

The Masquerade Chef's Table Private Event 'A celebration of Life, Love, and FOOD', I attended, was exactly that! In celebration of the soulful south’s Mardi Gras Festival, featuring a 5 course menu, this Elevation premier accommodated only ten patrons that I was thankful to be privy to the succulent soirée! Hosted at a beautiful Downtown LA penthouse with a spectacular view, it overflowed with classiness, sexiness, and perfection! Nola 'Fat Tuesday' inspired cuisine infused with THC, so well, it's not your neighborhood edible, dishes impeccably made it would put your number one fine dining restaurant and their chef to shame, and an ambiance of ease and positivity that implore's your soul to connect with others, an experience unlike any other you've encountered in the "LA Scene"!

Smooth, Classic, Crisp Tunes definitely solidifies the fantastic ambiance

The Chef, Andrea Drummer, preparing to delight guests' palettes with classic flavors of Louisiana Cajun cuisine, infused, while elevating the senses to the maximum

If you have a Medical Card, embrace Cannabis Cuilnary Cuisine, and want to take an extracurricular activity that normally has a negative connotation to an upscale, soon to be widely accepted, exclusive member ship based supper club where their main mission is of happiness, then 30Thirty is the way to go…it's as if you sat down with Mark Zuckerburg before the spawn of Facebook and knew not the genius that was about to be unleashed! You don't want to miss The Movement that is 30Thirty


All Infused for your Elevation…Apple & Parsnip Soup with Pistachio, Creme de Blanc


All Infused for your Elevation…Smothered Lobster with Fried Corn, Corn Cake


All infused for your Elevation…Duck Comfit with Cajun Roux, Root Vegetable, Purple Potato

All infused for your Elevation…Sweet Potato Beignets with Coffee IceCream, Chocolate Sauce, Spicy Pecan


Open minded brethren and I, smiling, while we expand our culinary horizons

Happy to have met these two Beautiful & Enterprising Women


30Thirty Member & Blogger, Daniel Lee's cool capture on this fun event!
Check out his take, "FOOD,MASKS, and....... HaNdGasmS.!??", on this wonderful experience!

For more information, visit 30ThirtyVIP!

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