Windmill Kimolos Review - Once Upon A Time

Have you ever imagined living in a Windmill? Having round walls , climbing very narrow but very safe at the same time stairs? Or even experiencing the most incredible view of half of a Greek island? You can have all that at Windmill Kimolos.


Windmill Kimolos is exactly what you hear, a Windmill. An old Windmill transformed into a magnificent, small boutique hotel. It has been recently renovated to create an elegant boutique-style hotel with modern amenities and facilities.

The room I stayed in, was the one on top. It felt like I was on a castle like Rapunzel and I was about to throw my braid down for the prince to climb up!

The view was breathtaking. Sipping my coffee in the morning and looking at the Aegean Sea made me feel that anything is possible. White and blue were the colors that prevailed, with some touches of a few colorful pieces of art from local craftsmen.


Each room has its own name. Strogylo (round), Apageio (protected from the winds), Aloni (cultivated piece of land), Agnadio (with a holistic view) & Apomero (remoted and safe). Every room targets various tastes and different personalities.


Strogilo is the largest suite, arranged as a duplex on the ground and first floor of the Windmill. It offers a built-in double bed and en-suite bathroom with shower on the ground floor plus a separate bedroom with a queen-size bed on the upper floor. An internal stone staircase connects the two levels. For convenience, each room has its own entrance. The private large terrace on the first floor provides wonderful views.

Apagio comprises a bedroom with a built-in double bed and a living room with two traditional sofas which can be turned into single beds. It has a modern bathroom with shower. While lying on the built-in sun-loungers on the terrace you can also enjoy views of the port and the Island of Polyaigos – beautiful by day or night.

Aloni features a bedroom with a built-in double bed and en-suite bathroom with shower. Its covered terrace with built-in sun beds provides the ultimate relaxing experience.

Agnantio is located on the second floor of the Windmill and features a bedroom with a queen- size bed as well as an en-suite bathroom with shower. Its charming balcony, perched at the top of the mill tower, provides some of the hotel’s best views.

Apomero is located on the west side of the Windmill with its terrace offering commanding views of the nearby village. It features a spacious bedroom with a built-in double bed and en-suite bathroom with shower.


Next to the Windmill, you can find the Aria buzz boutique that offers only Greek, bio and ethical products made with love and care. Olive® beauty and hygiene, COCO-MAT organic cotton towels, slippers, blankets, lavender pillows, ZEUS + ΔIONE® clothing, ANASSA® Organic herbs, ARIA BUZZ® honey and olive oil, Αρωγαία® bio products and Loukoumiland® the most amazing Greek delight, are some of the products offered.


This traditional Windmill, with the five full equipted rooms welcomes you to the island of Arzantiera, the island of the Corsairs – pirates that had the blessing of the state, since they moved against the invaiders in the ancient times.


The Concierge Services include Taxis or car hire, Maps, guidebooks and travel tips, Guided tours and sightseeing excursions to Poliaigos & Milos, local Restaurant recommendations.


Keep in mind that it is a must, to go visit Polyaigos, the small island near Kimolos with the very many freelance goats and the turquoise waters before returning back home from the Greek Islands.

Windmill Kimolos is a proud member of the Aria boutique hotels.


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