Vinci’s Casa Carbonaia Hotel Review – Plan on Returning

The poolside is surrounded by the lush grounds


If you stay at Casa Carbonaia there’s a 40% chance you’ll return.



That statistic says a lot.  It could be the spectacular countryside. 



It could be the charm of the huge house structure that dates back to before 1425. 




Even Simone Cecchi, the proprietor, has experienced Casa Carbonaia’s magnetic pull.  He was in this teens cycling by when he first eyed this beautiful property.  He remembered it many years later when he and his brothers were looking for an investment property.  It was abandoned at the time, and the rest is history.



Whatever the property alone lacks in terms of magnetism, Simone fills in with his welcoming smile and kind manner. 



He is the kind of easygoing host you hope you will have any time you travel.



About a third of the guests at Casa Carbonaia are also joining Simone as an “adventure mate”, as his card for “Toscana Adventure” says. 




He not only has the expertise to take you on adventure outings --canyoneering, coasteering, spelunking, cycling, or camping and hiking—but the gear too.   (For more information visit the Toscana Adventure Team website 



This should especially be noted by parents, who might not have considered breaking up tours of museums and sights in Italy with fun and a different kind of family experience. 



Designing family adventures seems to be a special sweet spot for Simone, who has been known to develop special family treasure hunts and who always makes sure there are pizza-making lessons by the hotel’s outside oven for the whole family once a week during the high season. 



Some families from different countries have met at such gatherings and then decided to return to Casa Carbonaia to vacation with each other again.  



Simone seems to find a great deal of satisfaction in giving friends and families these memorable vacation moments.  For example, recently Simone took an American father and his autistic son on a canyoneering adventure.  Simone shares that it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that it would work out, clearly moved as he recounts how this life-memorable father-son bonding event did come to pass. 



Organic olive trees are grown on the gorgeous land surrounding the house, as are grapes and fruit trees.  .   Some of the people who first visited Casa Carbonaia as tourists have made a point to return during the olive harvest and join in on making olive oil. 




Tip:  Try the preserves made by Simone’s wife from the land’s fruit trees.


There are seven apartments at Casa Carbonaia, accommodating 3 in the smallest and 6 in the largest.  In the low season these small apartments go for as low as 76 Euros/night or 480 Euros/week—a bargain rate for sure, and similarly matched for the larger apartments.


As Simone puts it, most people come as tourists and leave as friends. 


In fact, these friends DO return and you are well-advised to book ahead.  Simone shares that July and August are usually full with returnees, but you can try.  If you are coming in April he suggests you book ahead as early as December. 


Casa Carbonaia

50059 Via di S. Lucia, 11

Vinci, Firenze


(+39) 0571993252


[email protected]




Photos: Courtesy of Casa Carbonaia, unless otherwise indicated





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