Ville Sull’Arno Florence Hotel Review – Dante Slept Here!


Because we Americans love our cars so, and because Florence is an essential stop on any  Tuscany road trip, Florence’s Ville Sull’Arno’s ample parking spaces will in itself make it a top draw hotel for many. 



To say that’s the least of it is quite an understatement.


For starts, let your heart skip a beat or two as you reflect upon the history of Ville Sull’Arno’s origins as the private home of Dante’s family built in the 1400’s. 


For art lovers, the WOW! factor of Ville Sull’Arno’s history is even more incredible.  In the 19th century this property was an important artistic workshop of the macchiaioli painters, whose memory Ville Sull’Arno’s managers preserve with charming touches of lamps that look like paint cans or blank canvasses as wall decorations.




You would be very mistaken however to think that this is a crumbling historic landmark.  Actually, it was just re-opened in June of 2014 after a four-year renovation by the Planetaria Hotel Group.  Each of nine Planetaria hotels in Italy has been touched by the woman architect at its helm, Sofia Vodani.  One of her endearing trademarks is an animal mascot for each hotel.  In the case of Ville Sull’Arno it is a large sculpture of a horse named Dante that is so appropriate in situ that you feel like it has been in the hotel courtyard forever.



There are 45 rooms in three different buildings:  the Villa (with a comfortable and inviting reception area); the Artist’s Loggia (with views of the river, the garden and swimming pool); and the Small Villa (the most modern building, and overlooking the river). 



Each of these have different color schemes to blend with its surrounds. 



We especially liked spending time in the conservatory, rich with plants that give you the feel that you are luxuriating in a small greenhouse of a botanical garden.  We were working there, most comfortably, but the room more typically has other uses.  Recently Ville Sull’Arno started offering spa treatments in this space using ayurvedic oils and other more spiritual ritual massage and relaxation techniques.  “Say Yes!” is the name the hotel has given to the intimate catered dinners in this conservatory that help a would-be groom pop the question. 


The outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by a botanical garden and has an accompanying Jacuzzi.



Having experienced the claustrophobic crush at the Uffizi it comes as no surprise to hear from Resident Manager Stefano Risolè that not infrequently some guests at the hotel decide to take a day off from touring and just plant poolside.




Some will find the hotel’s location out of the town center as a plus and others will find this a downside.   We found that the walk into town was pleasant, or you can hire a bicycle from the hotel.  During high season there are also twice daily shuttles into town and twice daily shuttles back to the hotel.



For more information visit the Hotel Ville Sull’Arno website .


Hotel Ville Sull’Arno

Lungarno Cristoforo Colombo 1-3-5

50136 Firenze


(+39) 055 67091




Photos:  Courtesy of Ville Sull'Arno, unless otherwise indicated


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