"Villa Galaxy" Review - Your Personal Butler Experience

A type of vacation that has flourished the past few years is renting villas. These are villas where you can hire your private haute cuisine Chef, your Personal Assistants, and what is even more interesting, your private Butler. This is exactly what Villa Galaxy offers, overlooking the coast of Ftelia in Mykonos.

Pool & bay View

Our experience started somehow like that. A nice gentleman welcomed us while arriving at the Villa, explaining everything we needed to know, both regarding our House and the surrounding area. The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxing. We were so happy we were there. 
Villa Galaxy is devided into four different small houses, all combined together. The House of the Moon, the House of the Sky, the House of the Star and the House of the Sun. The House of the Moon has a beautiful bedroom with a Queen bed, a living room, a CD player, a MiniBar, a small kitchenette and a marble bathroom with a self-cleanign douz. The House of the Sun offers the same relaxation, while also, having an amazing authentic English Poker Table and many antiques. The House of the Star apart from all that is mentioned for the other houses, indulges you to an impeccable view of the island. Last but not least, the House of the Sun, that is situated exactly above the pool, is a house that offers all above mentioned elements, getting you ready for a quick swim any time of the day.


On the main space of the Villa Galaxy, there is a barbecue and a huge, monastery table for delicious dinners, overlooking the magnificent Ftelia bay and sea. Hiring a Chef to prepare Haute cusine and Personal Assistants to assist in every small thing that you might need, is totally common and that is what we did, too. However, hiring a Butler is a totally different thing. A lovely well-groomed, middle-aged gentleman, that knows exactly what you will ask for before you even think about it, at any hour, is precisely what this Villa has as her competitive advantage above all. Besides, no one sleeps early in Mykonos and the night there is always young. Our Butler was one of a kind. The person who helps out in any way possible. At some point, we decided to have some kite-surfing lessons and it was done in no-time. 

Breakfast in Bed

Going back to the Villa, I have to mention that its Vintage decoration makes you think that you are staying at a very aristocratic 5-star hotel. At the patio, over the pool, the Yoga lovers, can exercise under the morning sun or enjoy Ashtanga Yoga glancing at the beautiful colours of the Mediteranean sunset. The owners and the company who operates it, have done a great job creating a good FengSui, positive energy and inner piece for every guest.
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Room view

Bathroom Essentials

Photos: Mike Salis

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