Travelling with children to Iceland – A challenge but worth it

When travelling with children to a foreign country, there are several things to bear in mind. Travelling with children often means travelling at a different pace and in some cases, staying for a shorter or longer period of time in one location, than other visitors would do.

Most people agree that Iceland is a country of extreme beauty, rich in culture and scenery. In fact the main reason why people come to Iceland in the first place, is precisely because of the nature. The Icelandic countryside is a treasure chest of natural phenomena awaiting exploration and memory-collection. Fiery volcanoes, spouting hot springs, majestic waterfalls, geothermal pools, expansive glaciers and fascinating coastlines are the main reasons people are attracted to the country. Iceland is a land of adventures too. Popular activities include, white river rafting, kayaking, snowmobiling, snorkeling, horseback riding, ice climbing and glacier hiking.

However, would you or could you come to Iceland and participate in such activities with your family? Is there something for everyone to see and do? The answer is quite simply: Yes. Adventure activities in Iceland are plentiful and of various levels of difficulty. The choice is entirely yours. You can join a scheduled day tour by coach or jeep, rent a car or cycle as some do and discover the island at your own pace. What are you interested in? Walking on a glacier, sailing on a beautiful fjord or on a glacier lagoon, hiking on a moon-like surface or riding through moss-covered lava fields? Playing golf in the midnight sun, going fishing at sea or in lakes, whale watching or bird spotting? Bicycling or walking? Not to forget for an even slower pace, a walk to the seaside to explore the seashells and seaweed is always interesting or feeding the ducks at a local pond. All of the above are tours and experiences well suited for families.


1) Sailing 2) Sheep roundup 3) Building a snowman 4) Attending a bonfire

Even if you are bringing your family to Iceland and you find you don’t have time to explore and experience all or some of the Icelandic nature outside the city, then there are several options within Reykjavík that might suit you.

In Reykjavík, you will find almost everything that a nice small or mid-size city would have. There are a multitude of fun things to do, such as sunbathing and/or swimming in the sea, in Reykjavík’s man-made beach Nauthólsvík. The water is warm (yes, they pipe geothermal water into the sea), the sand is golden (imported) and it’s free. Another option, extremely reasonably priced is to go swimming in any of Reykjavík’s swimming pools. In all, there are 17 places to swim in Reykjavik alone.


1) Fishing 2-3) At the beach 4) Feeding the ducks

There are several parks in Reykjavík, but one which has caught the eyes of many a visitor, is Laugardalur, the center for sports and recreation. Laugardalur has all kinds of everything, including an Olympic size outdoor thermal swimming pool. This pool has various hot pots dotted around the pool, Jacuzzis, thermal steam baths and a really fun waterslide. Around the pool, there are good paths for jogging or walking. Laugardalur hosts the Botanical garden, where all the flowers and plants that grow in Iceland can be seen. A great place for leisurely walks or summersaults if that’s your thing or a picnic. Next to that Húsdýra- og fjölskyldugarðurinn, a domestic animal park (domesticated animals and wild animals) with a family amusement park attached – hours of fun! And Reykjavík’s main sports stadium is also located in Laugardalur and a multipurpose indoor venue along with other sports facilities, such as running tracks, football fields and indoor skating rink.


The family amusement park

So to answer the question above: Would you or could you come to Iceland with your family and are there things for everyone to do and participate in, then the answer is again, yes.

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