Touch of Thailand - 1. The journey continues, PHANG NGA on the road


After the first two incredible days, we decided to extend our stay in Phang Nga and rent a scooter to explore the surroundings in complete freedom.

The third night passed in a flash and in a deep sleep, lulled by the incredible and unexpected sounds of the surrounding nature.


Video: night-lapse in Phang Nga. View from our garden.


At the dawn of a new day, after a breakfast of eggs, toast and jam, Gerard gave us a lift in a pick-up to reach the mechanical workshop to rent a motorbike. In the pick-up we tested a new alternative method of transportation, practical and refreshing.


Video: pick-up usual transportation through Phang Nga.


As the first stop of the day, we chose the Buddhist temple of Wat Bang Riang, situated on top of an hill with a Buddha Park and an amazing view over Phang Nga at 50km from our B&B. Although with some initial difficulties due to reversed directions of travel, we reached soon our destination having fun and enjoying crossing of the surrounding jungle. 


 Video: driving Through Phang Nga.



Family driving through Phang Nga on a motorbike. Easy to fit in four.

(click here for the full-size image)

Phang Nga road surrounded by nature.

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Kids playing in the street with their kite. Photo shot while driving a moped in Phang Nga.

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Lonely house surrounded by uncontaminated jungle in Phang Nga.

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Once we reached the temple, a nice rooster and a local worker at rest, seemed to be there ready to welcome us.


Roster near the entrance of Wat Bang Riang temple

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Worker is relaxing near the entrance of Wat Bang Riang temple

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When we reached the temple, we managed to have a tour inside and to visit the sourroundings and take in the panoramic view.


Entrance of Wat Bang Riang temple

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Video: visit to the Buddhist Temple Wat Bang Ring. 


Monk in Wat Bang Riang Temple

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Inside Wat Bang Riang temple

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Pagoda Temple Wat Bang Riang

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The heat was already beginning to be unbearable. We then decided to go home and spend a few hours on planning  the following days.

Before another day passed, in the late afternoon we ride our moped to Sa Nang Manora Forest Park to visit the closed waterfalls and caves.


Me walking through Sa Nang Manora Forest Park

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Waterfalls in Sa Nang Manora Forest Park

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Monkey and statue on Phang Nga caves entrance

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...When I planned this trip, before leaving Italy, I remember to have spent one month on reading guides and doing Internet researches. For us, the idea of knowing and exploring these places, was always filtered through the desire to get out of the purely tourist itineraries for a much more authentic experience.By doing this, the extension of our stay for a couple of nights in Phang Nga, had led us to reduce the distances of our next destination, thanks to Gerard's advice. 

In the Gulf of Thailand, an island named Koh Yao Yai, still not a touristic attraction, seemed to be the best choice for us. Given the relatively small size of the island, it seemed to be an absolutely perfect destination  to spend a few days exploring  by bike or motorcycle.

The choice was made, and the next day at sunrise, it was time to say goodbye to Phang Nga.

Gerard took us to the pier to take a long tail, first to reach the island of Koh Yao Noi, from which we then took a second boat to reach Koh Yao Yai. From this plan, which seems to be more like a tongue-twister, we had no idea if upon reaching the island it would be easy to find a way to get a lift to our apartment. We traveled that day entering into  the spirit of adventure that was starting to characterize our journey.



Video: reaching Koh Yao Noi in a long-tail boat.


Fortunately, as soon as we reached the island of Koh Yao Yai, we immediately found a motorbike to rent for the next days for only 150baht/day (4US dollars per day). Our first impression of the island was of a very non touristic ones, with  gorgeous beaches. We managed to immediately enjoy our first sunset in a nearby beach.


Local driving his motorbike in Koh Yao Yai Pier

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First sunset in Koh Yao Yai

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So me, Peter and our two trusted companions (our 15kg's backpacks), got in a single 50cc scooter to get to our accommodation.Is this not adventurous?! :)



Me (on the left) and my friend Pietro (at the right) at our first ride in Koh Yao Yai.


The next days turned to be really incredible--enchanted beaches and interesting acquaintances.

But for these stories, see ya in the next article.


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