Torri e Merli - The Turrets and Crenellations Boutique Hotel in Paxos Island

“Legend has it that the island of Paxos was created when Poseidon, God of the Sea, was looking for a romantic retreat to spend time with the alluring sea nymph Amphitrite. In his quest for perfection to impress the lovely Amphitrite, he threw his trident at the southern tip of Corfu, and separated a tiny piece of land which now forms the island of Paxos, where Torri e Merli is built.

Since then, many invaders have captivated the island but the Venetians were the ones who stayed for four hundred years. They planted lots of olive trees, so that they could protect the hidden villages from scavenging Pirates.  Torri e Merli, which stands for Turrets and Crenellations, was many times attacked by those savages and had to build those towers to be able to safeguard itself. While being there you travel back in time, feel those romantic vibe of the perfectly combined stone and glass details. Both tradition and modernity go hand in hand in this beautiful hotel.

Boutique hotel Torri E Merli, has an impeccable design and interior architecture, while being exactly in between the olive tree forests, just above Lakka seaport. At the restaurant of the hotel, you must try many different delicacies, since well-know Chef Kokalis is responsible for the menu. The service there and at the pool is impeccable. The waiters are some of the most kind people I have ever encountered. The organization of the place though needs more attention to achieve the required status of this amazing boutique hotel.

While at the pool, you can hear the birds singing and feel the sun hugging you like no other. The lighting all around the garden and inside the building is absolutely relaxing. It is worth visiting the cellar and spending time there, reading a book or just relaxing. The vibe is so serene. The old owners of the building used to hide their treasures there so that the pirates wouldn’t find them.

All in all, it is a unique experience to visit the island of Paxos, with the crystal clear turquoise water, while experiencing the Torri E Merli mystique!


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