Porto’s Hotel Teatro Review – Backstage Feel

The oversized doors to the hotel have script on them. When they open you immediately feel theatrical history, just as the hotel designers would have you feel. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


Walk past the wide script-adorned doors into a dimly lit lobby with costumes on the rack. 


In the lobby, you get to join the audience via photo wall displays. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


Palco, the hotel's restaurant, has quickly become a popular spot in Porto, according to Manager Susana Tavares. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


Thick curtains and plush sofas like those you’d find in lobbys of historic theaters like Atlanta’s Fox Theatre are plentiful here too. 


A view of the lobby as you enter the hotel. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


If you don’t yet feel like you are backstage in a historic theater, the box office style of the reception desk and presenting your room to you as though they are tickets will certainly get this across. 


The reception desk is meant to feel like a box office. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


This is Hotel Teatro—which plays up its connection to the theater district around it and the historic theater that claimed its same footprint in days gone by.


A corner of the lobby. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


The staff, here dressed like a theater usher, tend to patrons sipping beverages in the hotel lobby. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


How interesting that Hotel Teatro makes its plush Porto home not just on any old theater sit,e but in one that speaks to a tragic fire in the Portuguese memory.  This was the site of Porto’s Baquet Theatre fire in 1888, that took many lives in a way very similar to the tragic Iroquois Theater fire in Chicago not long after, a memory that has been kept alive in recent years by two of Chicago’s more creative theater groups—The Ruffians and The Hypocrites.     


The racks of clothes are real costumes from a Porto theater company. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


In Porto that history seems to be long forgotten.  Opened in 2010, Hotel Teatro has been riding the far more recent wave of Porto’s growing popularity, particularly among Spanish and French guests, with a healthy dose of Americans, Canadians, and fellow Portuguese speakers from Brazil, among others. 


Wardrobe! Lights! Curtain! This is the hotel feel. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


It’s a stop along the way to Douro Valley where the story of port wine begins.  There are some interesting small niche visitors to Hotel Teatro as well-- viz. Portuguese bike tours like to stay here too, as do pilgrims on the Road to Santiago to see Our Lady of Fatima.


Many of the rooms have cozy touches like this rounded alcove. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


No, you won't find an actor or actresses costume in your room! Bring your own! Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


Junior suite room. Photo courtesy of Hotel Teatro


Our arrival to Hotel Teatro was improbably difficult.  Exciting though it may have been to some, the deafening racing cars’ thunder in front of the hotel as Porto’s streets were converted into a city track for a Nascar- like event called The Port Street Stage was more than a little off-putting to newly arrived strangers trying to somehow thread past layers of police barricades to get to the hotel.   Then again, if you like racecars you might want to research the repeat date for this event next year and time your stay at Hotel Teatro for a front row seat on the action.  For us though, the big plus of this city race car event was in allowing us to experience the high quality of Hotel Teatro’s concierge service that it very proudly touts.  Because we were so rushed for our next appointment we missed the usual port wine welcoming but got a voucher for a later drink at the bar. The very able staff was able to quickly help us cancel reservations at a nearby restaurant when we found the roads impassable. 


Porto has much to recommend for inclusion in any Portugal tour.  Hotel Teatro is  a comfortable full-service hotel with a trendy restaurant (Palco), bar,


Champagne! -- just a small part of the sumptuous breakfast buffet. Photo: Peter Kachergis


And more breakfast buffet... Photo: Peter Kachergis


And even more breakfast buffet! Photo: Peter Kachergis


and breakfast buffet, that makes it a good place to plant while you visit this city and its surrounds.


Hotel Teatro

Rua Sa da Bandeira, 84

Porto 4000-427, Portugal


For more information or bookings visit the Hotel Teatro website.




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