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The Grand Heritage Doha, Old World Style and Service

By Glenn Harris

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It was my first trip to Doha, the capital and largest city in Qatar. I  didn’t really know what to expect but was excited about the adventure.  What I found was a modern and sophisticated city with worldly people, striking architecture in modern buildings, and a rich heritage and culture.

Our accommodation to explore Doha was the Grand Heritage Doha and we couldn’t have chosen a more fitting base. After being greeted at the airport by the hotel driver, we were guided to our transfer in a posh BMW 7 series sedan. Next the refreshing towel and cool drink and it was at that point my companion and I knew we were about to embark on a grand experience.

Once at the hotel, the first thing that strikes you about the property is it is unlike most hotels in Doha. Most are extremely modern in design and strive to reach the clouds in a concrete jungle.  The Grand Heritage is the opposite. It is and old world hotel with a Victorian design that could easily fit in England or Germany’s grand cities. It is perfectly placed in a park like setting on well manicured gardens. It is also surprisingly low in height in that it has only three floors.  The building itself is new but with traditional Victorian  brown wood paneling,  rich colors, and fine artwork throughout.

Our Edwardian Executive Suite

Edwardian Executive Suite

Next you'll undoubtedly be welcomed by the staff that really seem like they are genuinely glad to see you, each time sharing pleasant greetings with every coming and going. I felt I was their best and favorite guest.  An interesting observation that cannot be overlooked is that the doormen (women) are noticeably short.  All under 4’ 6” and in contrast, the guest relations managers who whisk you to your room, are noticeably tall all over 5’10”.  Not sure what this means but a whimsical observation about our stay.

Our guest relations manager, Nelly, a very tall and pleasant host, greeted us and took us to our suite on the third floor after showing us around a bit.  We had an amazing view of the City of Dreams Sport complex and at night it was very special. The room was spacious and very comfortable. We were pleased to see the fresh cut flowers and a tasty fruit and snack tray. 

Dinner was also amazing at Blue with the wise partnering of sushi and steak, everything was exquisite from service, dishes, menu choices to the menu itself.  An Ipad holds the comprehensive menu,  chock full of menu options and photos making it hard to choose one appetizing plate over another.   Flavors Restaurant, which features a buffet breakfast and lunch, is not your predictable buffet. It was the inspired and exceptional dishes that you would find on any specialty a la carte menu.  Once again the service was flawless.   Finish your dish, need something,  have a question; .just merely think about it and the staff will be there on the spot. The dining experience and service was simply flawless during our stay.

Blue: Sushi and Steak

On the list of the more special experiences for me was the high tea in the Victorian Tea Room. Apparently there are no others like it in the region.  Forty types of teas and their very own Head Tea Mistress , Yoyo from China.  She knew everything about tea from its homeopathic benefits to the origin and history of each. She is the expert's expert on tea. We chose a selections of teas including the calming white tea and with finger snacks, it was an exceptional end to a long day.

The Delicious Snack Tray

The Victorian Tea Room

But what struck me the most throughout and consistently in my stay was the service. I've traveled to most corners or the world and stayed at the top hotels.  I would rank the level of service attention to detail, and the authentically friendly attitude of the management and staff of the Grand Heritage Doha with any five star hotel.

All and all it was an enjoyable stay and easy to recommend the Grand Heritage Doha to any traveler looking for a relaxing stay, great food, and benchmark level service in a modern and exciting city.


Visit the Grand Heritage Doha on line at www.grandheritagedoha.com/



Published on Sep 24, 2012

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