Thailand - Safe to Visit? Absolutely!


Traditional Thai Dancer

I’ve been wanting to post articles for months about this amazing country and all it has to offer tourists but due to the political situation I felt I would wait until it settled down. Currently there are no protests, no intersections being blocked and business is as usual in the majority of the country. Tourist we have talked with on the streets feel more safe than in the past 8 months.  Thailand is enjoyable and safe all over the country. 

I traveled from the North to the South of Thailand with some location scouts. One of the scouts was Tommy Tang, celebrity chef from the successful TV show "Let's Get Cooking" and his partner Gary.  They are scouting for a TV series  "Bangkok Vice" to be film here in the future.  From Chaing Mai we flew down to Phuket, about a 2 hour trip, and took a speed boat out to the island of Koh Phi Phi.  Here you can visit the stunning and world famous Maya Beach, location of the film “The Beach” starring Leonardo Dicaprio. You can overnight on this relaxing island and enjoy boat trips out to the many limestone islands to snorkel or just picnic on a private beach. 

Kata Beach

Krabi and Kata Beach are also great get-a-ways from the crowds and are also located in this area. 

The next day we flew over to Koh Samui Island, located in the Gulf of Thailand, just a 30 minute flight from Phuket.  The quite little airport is like traveling back in time.  We drove to our beach hotel for a relaxing afternoon by the sea with our umbrella drinks! 

At night you should venture down to Fisherman’s Village. There you'll find an unending number of great restaurants, gift shops and spas. We indulged ourselves with a one hour foot massage!  


Koh Samui Island Sunset

The next day, unfortunately as we had limited time,  it was back work in Bangkok.  I plan to go back to the islands in the south soon as the airlines have some amazing deals.   There are also some nice bargain with hotels as well.  So I should have some articles on the tropical islands and resorts of the South coming soon!

So inspite of what it sounds like in the media,  we found the entire trip, as did everyone we interviewed, the country to be safe, welcoming, relaxing, with some amazing deals.  Thailand is still "the land of smiles."


Kata Beach, Sunset

The Land of Smiles


Photography and Feature by Daniel Herron  Copyright 2014





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