Taste of Thailand Food Tour Review – A Delicious Experience


Photo by Dianne R. Davis


Eating in a foreign country can be more than just having a meal. It can be a unique approach to savoring the flavor of the community and the culture of the country. We enjoyed authentic Thai food and learned more about the local diet and people by participating in a Taste of Thailand Food Tour. The four hour culinary experience included walking through a Bangkok neighborhood with stops at food stalls and restaurants as well as a visit to the huge market.


My husband Burt and I took the Sky Train from our hotel to met Tee, our local guide at the base of the Saphan Taksin BTS Station in the Bangrak section of Bangkok, one of 50 districts of Bangkok and one noted for its multicultural population.


 Here, Buddhists, Muslims and other groups live in peace.  Through the years, it has become known as the City of Love.  Tee explained to our multi cultural English speaking group of eleven that he had four goals for the tour.  It was designed to entertain us, educate us in the preparation of Thai food, fill our bellies, and be completed in about four hours.


We started our tour with fresh lettuce wrapped spring rolls prepared by local street vendor K. Ngea * Photo by Dianne R. Davis


Much of the prepared Thai food is correctly called “street food” since it is sold from the numerous booths or stalls that line the sidewalks.  But don't be put off by the lack of a permanent structure. Some of these booths have been in the same location for decades.


The traditional iced thai tea from a beverage shop helped soothe our pallets after our spicy introduction * Photo by Burt Davis


Curries are popular in Thailand * Photo by Burt Davis


We visited a 50 year old curry shop where we watched the curry powders and pastes being made.  We learned that the curries are created by blending together several different hot and not so hot chilis.  Coconut shavings were also produced there.  Water and salt are added to the flakes to produce coconut milk--a staple in the Thai diet.


We sampled spotted mackerel fish cakes * Photo by Burt Davis


Then it was on to the sprawling  Bangrak Great Market.  As we entered, Tee directed us to a stand where we were offered deep fried spotted mackerel fish cakes.  Tee told us that the fish cakes were introduced by the British over 159 years ago.


Photo by Burt Davis

Photo by Burt Davis

Photo by Burt Davis

Photo by Dianne R. Davis

The market includes row after row of vendors selling a wide variety of fresh fish, fowl, and and all types of animal parts.  

Tee explained that the central elements of Thai food include lemon grass, galanga, and kaffir lime leaves * Photo by Burt Davis


Five desserts * Photo by Burt Davis

We visited a 70 year old shop where we enjoyed five desserts, all based on rice. The desserts were shrimp and sticky rice, duck eggs and sticky rice, banana custard rice cake, jack fruit, and gold drop. Certainly not what we'd be ordering back home.

We wished we could take home one of each * Photo by Dianne R. Davis

We were able to sample many of the fruits * Photo by Dianne R. Davis

Tee told us that Dragon fruit is high in fiber and low in calories * Photo by Burt Davis


We had mangos, rose apple, and dragon fruit at a 20 year old fruit stand in the market. We learned that the mango is the number one fruit in Thailand with more than 90 varieties.


At the Watow Chinese grocer we sipped an aromatic herbal tea drink * Photo by Burt Davis


We enjoyed a sit down lunch at the Prachak Pedyang which included two types of duck, one with rice and another with noodles * Photo by Dianne R. Davis


Photo by Burt Davis

Next, our guide Tee led us through small narrow backstreets where we saw a glimpse of the life of some Thai people through the open doors of their meager homes, open to bring in ventilation during the heat.

Freshly Fried Bananas * Photo by Dianne R. Davis

We made a stop at Jay Noy's stand which has been in its present location for more than 20 years and enjoyed some delicious fried bananas, a local delicacy.

At Song Pee Nong, we enjoyed a variety of salads * Photo by Burt Davis


We were greeted like royalty * Photo by Burt Davis

The tour ended at the Tann Ying Restaurant, noted for its royal Thai cuisine. We felt like royalty ourselves in this 25 year old restaurant which has served members of the Thai royal family.

We enjoyed green curry chicken followed by coconut milk ice cream unlike any we've ever tasted before * Photo by Dianne R. Davis


We were left with a sweet taste in our mouths, delicious memories, and a great deal more knowledge of Thai food and culture. Since our return, we learned that Taste of Thailand Food Tour received the 2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. To savor the flavor of Thailand, check out Taste of Thailand Food Tour.

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