San Felipe, Mexico Review – Taking Your Vacation to a Relaxing State

When it comes to Mexico and travel destinations Cabo San Lucas and Cancun are inevitably at the top of everyone’s list. While it is hard to argue with those two spots, they are almost too popular, becoming too commercial and too expensive. For those of you in Southern California, you can turn your vacation eyes towards Baja and more specifically San Felipe, which is on it's way to becoming the more affordable, more authentic and closer vacation destination.

While San Felipe is certainly not new, it is looking for an introduction to those tourists who are unaware that the perfect Mexican vacation is closer than they thought. A little more authentic and laid back compared to its counterparts, San Felipe really entails all that a vacation is meant to be. You could begin and end with the Sea of Cortez with all its beauty, amazing sea life and water activities. Throughout the year San Felipe hosts a variety of great events that make this town even more enticing. You are also going to find the freshest fish in the world here and restaurants that offer a meal for any and every palate. Of course relaxation, from lying on the beach, relaxing at your choice of resorts, walking through town or exploring on the outskirts of town, the choices are up to you.

Sunrise at San Felipe Marina Resort

Being home to the Sea of Cortez, San Felipe is the perfect location for; boating, fishing, kayaking, diving and swimming. For those of you who are tired of the chilly waters off of the Southern California coast, the Sea of Cortez allows you bask in some of the warmest waters that you will find coming down the west coast. You are not only going to enjoy the temperature, but the water is crystal clear and sunrise and sunset are something to make sure you don't miss as these gorgeous images will fill your camera.

Giant Cactus at Valley of the Giants

There is plenty to do outside of the water in San Felipe and thanks to the sand dunes and rough terrain; San Felipe has become a favorite destination for those who like to get adventuresome in their four wheel vehicles. You can also find some great spots for rock climbing, off-road cycling and an absolute must visit is the famous "Valley of the Giants." This is home to 50 foot tall cacti that are hundreds of years old. The short ride out to the “Valley of the Giants” is well worth it just for the opportunity to stand next to these majestic cacti.

Valley of the Giants

While the sea life is incomparable, the shrimp from the Sea of Cortez steal the show. San Felipe is known as the shrimp capital of the world and if you think you've had jumbo shrimp before, well nothing is quite as jumbo as the famed San Felipe Jumbo Blue Shrimp. Making use of the incredible shrimp and all of the other fresh fish, San Felipe might also be home to the most overwhelming number of choices of ceviche. If ceviche is your dish, just come to San Felipe and go from restaurant to restaurant trying the different tasty options.

Seafood Appetizer at BajaMar

Ceviche is just the appetizer when it comes to the dining experience in San Felipe. San Felipe offers you dining experiences in every possible fashion. The one restaurant that you have to visit while you are in San Felipe is BajaMar. This is without question the fine dining experience in all of San Felipe, providing you with a twist on fresh fish unlike any other locale in San Felipe. In addition the patio offers a stunning view of the Sea of Cortez while also letting you take in all of the action of the activity going downtown. For a more casual and slight more American dining experience, you can visit the Margarita House, home to the biggest margaritas in all of San Felipe. Finally if you want a sense of the warmth of the people of San Felipe, take a stroll at night through town and visit one of the countless taco stands that acts as much of a social experience as it is a place to grab some of the best tacos around. For those of you who give pause  due to safety concerns, I’ll just say you are going to feel more at ease walking the streets of San Felipe than you would turning a few of the corners you will find in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Spectacular Ceviche

San Felipe will keep you busy throughout the year and of course they have The Ceviche Festival which will take place in August this year. In addition you can visit San Felipe and enjoy the following events; The Paella Festival, Blues & Arts Fiesta and The Stingray Festival all taking place in March, The Mariachi & Tequila Festival in April, The Shrimp Festival in November and The Tamale Festival in December.

In the past San Felipe was not the most inviting destination when it came to transportation options, but that has changed. The newly renovated Highway 5 makes for a much smoother ride and is wide enough for you to pull your boat comfortably to San Felipe. From Los Angeles it will take you about six hours and from San Diego you make the trip in less than four hours. Another new recent development when it comes to traveling to San Felipe is the addition of direct flights from San Diego to San Felipe by the way of SeaPort Airlines. For those in Los Angeles you can hop on a SeaPort plane in Burbank, make a quick stop in San Diego and you are on your way to San Felipe. Keep in mind with the SeaPort flight to San Felipe this is not your typical airplane; these are 9-passenger Cessna Caravans. So you are going to be in a little tighter quarters than normal and with this being a smaller plane you are going be affected by turbulence and you might hit a few more bumps along the way than you are used to. But the SeaPort flight does give you a unique view of the flight experience you probably have never gotten before and at the end of the day flying is always going to beat a car ride any day of the week.

San Felipe Marina Resort

In addition to the current properties in San Felipe, the town is going to make improvements to go along with the revamped access. The Baja Diamante project will bring a number of new amenities to tourists upon its completion whether you are looking for a vacation spot or a second home. This project has 444 acres of land to expand upon and currently has a 68 room hotel Marina Resort and Spa, 16 Villas, and several Crystal Beach Villas completed. In addition those who are looking for that second home can be a part of the 40 unit condominium building with views of the Sea of Cortez and the future Jack Nicklaus designed golf course. Finally with San Felipe being such a beautiful spot for boating San Felipe has a concession from the Mexican Government to build a 300 plus slip Yacht Marina within the existing harbor. To go with all of these new additions the area above the harbor is slated to become a "Seaport Village" type retail area in the future.

San Felipe Beach

The combination of falling asleep to the soft waves of the Sea of Cortez and waking up to the stunning sunrise make the San Felipe Marina Resort and Spa one of the most perfect spots to stay at in San Felipe. Sitting right on the beach, you just open the door and step out onto your terrace and you can take in all of the beauty of San Felipe. The San Felipe Marina Resort was made for every type of vacation, a single room for the weekend getaway or the bigger suites that will take of an entire family who wants to get away for the week. Located right by the marina so you can bring your own boat down or take charter out to go fishing and if you want to enjoy the Sea of Cortez on your own, they even have kayaks for you to take out. On the other side of town you will find Hotel El Cortez. Another great seaside vacation spot and this is also home to a beautiful restaurant and separate bar that literally puts you right on the beach and depending on the time of the day you can feel a hint of the ocean thanks to the open setting of both spots. If you fall in love with San Felipe and desire more than just a visit, you are going to find that this is one vacation town in Mexico that you can easily snap up a second home at a great bargain.

Some vacations you go in not knowing what to expect and with San Felipe at first glance it is a little hidden, a little quiet and leaving you wondering if this is the vacation spot for you. Going in with those thoughts, San Felipe will quickly turn into that vacation that not only surprises you, but by the time you leave you will be wishing you had one more day. San Felipe indulges you in such a perfect way that you want to share it with the world, but yet you want to keep it for yourself.

Sand Dunes perfect for ATV fun

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