San Felipe, Baja, Mexico - A Sanctuary of Beauty, Balance, and Nature

Visiting San Felipe, Baja, Mexico, I was impressed with the luxurious accommodations, gorgeous beaches, great golf courses, world-class fishing gourmet dining, nightlife and so much more. With destinations closer to home becoming more affordable and trendy, travelers today are looking for retreats that are not only in closer proximity, but also offer luxurious amenities.  San Felipe in Baja California, Mexico may be the perfect example of a scenic and inexpensive, not too far from home, getaway.  Just a few hours from San Diego and Los Angeles, this charming village is the ideal setting for couples, families and individuals who are looking for a two or three day stay out of town to rejuvenate.

Once known as a thriving fishing village, San Felipe has recently experienced a surge of interest in its real estate development while continuing to maintain the charm of a small coastal community.   It is, as weekend visitor Norma Dalke puts it, “a simple retreat of balance and beauty.” 

San Felipe has not grown so much in population but rather, in popularity.  It is a place for families, individuals and couples seeking a vacation resort where they can relax, take walks on the beach, golf, grill food outdoors and enjoy the natural and beautiful landscape of the environment. "This is the best and cheapest vacation I have had with my family in long time," said first-time visitor Harold Houser.

Beautiful San Felipe

Vacation home rentals have become more popular today, especially in beach communities like San Felipe.  This town maintains a delicate balance between its unique surroundings and a recent boom in vacation housing.  Erick Ramirez who manages over 65 properties in San Felipe has witnessed this growth.   "In the past few years, we've seen a major upswing in investment and development.”  The boom began in early 2000 when highways were improved from the border of Mexicali/Calexico extending through the once-small fishing community. Erick, known as the go-to person for vacation and long-term condominium and home rentals is aware of current trends and understands what vacationers want and expect.   His properties have a great reputation, as evidenced by the number of returning guests.  He ensures that the properties are well maintained; that the interiors are clean and spotless and guests know where to find the best restaurants, grocery stores and sports rental equipment.  He has a directory of resources that he places at every property.  “I try to pay close attention to the guest’s every need” said Erick  “Guests like everything at their disposal these days.  They want to know the locations of the best restaurants, grocery stores and where to rent sports equipment."  This is all accessible with one click of the internet.

One of San Felipe's Oceanfront Villas

One particular property that stands out amongst the others is called El Dorado Ranch.  Many of these condominiums offer panoramic views of the ocean, contemporary design, private terraces and full view windows.  This conveys a perfect vacation setting for privacy and serenity.  Most of these exceptionally large condos are furnished with a blend of chic design and minimalist grace.  They offer a sumptuous en suite bathroom with a giant sunken bath for the ultimate indulgence.  The modern kitchens are fully equipped and the dining area is perfect for an intimate dinner or family meals.  Artists, writers, retirees and families are attracted to the town’s aura and freedom of movement.  There are swimming pools, tennis courts and a Jacuzzi on the property.  It truly embraces the essence of Mexican culture, creating a wonderful relaxing refuge, sophisticated, yet informal, unique and understated luxury.  

La Hacienda, another community located south of town, is also a popular vacation community with every home having unique character and with beach views.  La Hacienda is close to the sand dunes and popular with vacationers bringing ATVs with them on their trip. 

Other properties are just a stones’ throw from the ocean where open air living ushers in ocean breezes or the floral scents of the bougainvillea.  

El Dorado Ranch Condominiums

Vacationer Kevin McMurray, interviewed at the Pavilion restaurant, says he had been coming to San Felipe for several years and having stayed in several rental homes, he can truly say Erick’s rental homes are the best maintained vacation rental homes in San Felipe.  His wife Barbara chipped in saying Erick’s homes were “affordable luxury”…..” where else would you get a luxury 3-bedroom beachfront vacation rental home at such terrific prices?”

San Felipe is the ideal setting for outdoor sports enthusiasists, especially year round golfers.  In January guests can watch  the Baja 250 (ATV and Dune Buggy Race ) .  March brings spring vacationers coming to the Blues and Jazz Festival.  November is popular for the fish lover’s Shrimp Festival.  However, throughout the year, vacationers come to experience the sun, the sea, the sandy beaches, the calming atmosphere and the warm culture of the people.

Breathtaking Views of San Felipe

Enjoying good food certainly factors into the perfect vacation.  San Felipe offers a variety of restaurants for every type of palate. The proprietors are proud of their establishments and offer good service.   The El Padrino Pizzeria y Restaurante is known for its delicious pizza; or the delicious fish dishes of Restaurant Moresco. Juanitos Café caters to the golfers and there is a very open and airy facility for weddings, birthdays, quininceañeras, seminars and other celebrations.  There are also reasonably priced eateries just outside of San Felipe.  A favorite of locals and visitors is called Cow Patty’s where you can have a cold beer and a hotdog. Head further south to Puertecitos, you will find Christina’s Eatery which is open only on weekends.

San Felipe’s night life is relaxing, laid back and a fun scene, with shoulder-to-shoulder establishments for drinking and eating under the shade. As lazy waves roll across the cool sand and shorebirds wait for the fisherman to return to harbor, the town’s local residents and visitors begin nightlife.  The village comes alive with the sounds of serenading guitars, trumpets and accordions.  Families, couples and locals can be seen along the Malacon (boardwalk). If you smell something tempting from the street vendor, go for it. The word for fast vendor food is “antojito,” which translates to “little craving.” You can choose from an endless array of tacos, tostadas, and tortas, corn on the cob and tamales, typically made from scratch by the vendors themselves. There are also fruit and juice stands or you can head over to Rockodile for the best margarita in town. You can eat inexpensively on the street and yet feel like royalty.

One vacationer summed it up, (Whatever type of setting you are looking for, whether it is luxurious accommodations, gorgeous beaches, great golf courses world-class fishing gourmet dining, hot nightlife and so much more, you will find it in San Felipe.

“No matter the time of year.  the past and present mesh well in San Felipe. There's always sports action including boating, biking, hiking golfing, kayaking, and fishing.

The town offers a world of endless possibilities, a sophisticated yet refreshingly simple retreat or a sanctuary of balance and beauty.

Delicious Seafood

If you are looking for a home away from home, or would just like to experience the beautiful landscape, or just a simple relaxing getaway, this is a place that will not disappoint you.

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