SALT @Milos

In one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean sea, Milos, Mr. Yiorgos Alkaios - a well respected Greek singer, chose to build his own boutique hotel. The name of it, SALT. Choosing this island was not something that was made by chance. The owner of SALT comes from Milos, the island of goddess Aphrodite.


SALT is built at the end of a beautiful village, called Pollonia. A magical fishermans' village, at the northern part of the island, just a breath away from the tiny Kimolos island. The boutique hotel is situated on a cliff and offers its visitors serenity and impeccable views with dreamy sunsets. 


Combining something old and something new was the initial though while designing the hotel. The traditional Cycladic architecture travels you back in time, keeping all modern comforts. The wooden white floors are a pleasant surprise challenging you to walk barefoot. Silence, technology, cleanliness and flawless service are some features you can find at SALT.

Room II

Its breakfast is delivered every morning to the hotel from small local shops using local ingredients. Greek marmelades, freshly baked bread, cheesepie, and more, are just a fun loving paradise experience for your mouth. But what is unique about SALT, is that what ever you might request from the stuff, you will find it in no time, in front of your door, in a wooden handmade basket before even you realise you have finished ordering it!

Room I

The rooms are named after the most magical beaches of the island of Milos with those clear turquoise waters that you can probably only find in paradise. Kleftiko, Provatas, Gerondas, Palaioxori, Sarakiniko & Τriades are some of them. After spending some time in this island and especially this hotel, you feel like you wanna visit it every year, again and again.


It is indeed, a unique hotel and an amazing destination. 
SALT in Milos.
Just you and the clear turquoise waters ...

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