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Private Tours Paris Review - The Best of Paris Tailored Just For You

By Amy Koslowski

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When my 8-year-old daughter and I decided to take a quick overnight trip to Paris during our 2-week holiday in London, it was overwhelming to try and figure out what we could squeeze into such a short visit.  Paris is full of so many amazing sites, we wanted to make the most of our time there yet still be able to relax and enjoy what we were seeing.  Our solution was Private Tours Paris!



Arriving in Paris on a Thursday afternoon, we decided to wander on our own for a few hours before checking into our accommodations for the night, having a relaxing dinner and getting a good night’s sleep so we could make the most of our Friday in Paris.  When we were settling into our B&B, I received a call from our tour guide from Private Tours Paris, confirming our half-day morning tour for the next day, our 9am pick-up time and the basic things we hoped to see during our tour.  You see, Private Tours Paris gives you the tour YOU want.  They accommodate exactly what it is you want out of your tour along with the expertise to not only determine what is logistically possible, but also giving you information that you might not have to help you determine how you spend your time.



Given that we had gone directly to and up the Eiffel Tower on Thursday, this was not something we wanted as part of our tour.  We wanted a highlighted tour of the Louvre Museum, a visit to Notre Dame and some time in Montmartre.  So it was that on Friday morning at 9am our tour guide, Pierre, called to alert us of his arrival.  We came downstairs to find Pierre waiting to escort us into a beautiful and comfortable Mercedes van to begin our day.



Pierre was wonderfully engaging and extraordinarily informative throughout our time with him.  He shared with us when we first buckled in that he lived a mere stone’s throw away from our B&B – he even drove past his place to point it out to my daughter.  As we headed toward Montmartre, Pierre provided us with a running commentary of the areas and buildings we passed.  We learned the history and interesting trivia about countless places he pointed out on our route, including the stories behind the famous Montmartre.



As someone who clearly knows the city and the best times to be where, Pierre determined that Montmartre should be our first stop.  He walked us through Sacre Coeur, shared with us its history and how Parisians really feel about this relatively new addition to their city. He then led us on a walking tour of the streets of Montmartre, the artists’ square and told us fascinating stories of Picasso’s and Van Gogh’s time living in this famous area.  When my daughter decided she wanted a painting from one of the artists showing their work in the square, he made the time, walked her around and facilitated the sale with some interpretation! 



As we left Montmartre and headed toward Notre Dame, we continued to get a detailed history of Paris, its architecture and the people who drove the creation of the Paris we see today.  Passing buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries was like driving through the pages of a history book.  History comes to life in a way that no classroom can ever create when you get the opportunity to be in a place like Paris, seeing what has survived all these years and getting the play by play by your very own, personal and fabulously knowledgeable guide!!



Pierre shared Notre Dame with us, giving us information and pointing out details in the artwork and architecture, engaging both myself and my daughter in the stories they tell.  Then off we went to the Louvre for our final stop of our tour.



Now in case you haven’t been, the Louvre can be downright overwhelming and could take you days if not weeks to truly appreciate.  It’s just that extensive.  When you are in Paris for the blink of an eye and with an 8-year-old, you need the expertise of a guide like Pierre to avoid the entrance lines, scoot you through the crowds, point out the highlights and give my daughter the dream-come-true of seeing the Mona Lisa in person.  And all in an hour’s time.  It was perfect!



It is a true luxury to be taken around a city like Paris by a guide whose job it is to give you not only a private tour, but also a completely personalized one.  And the amount of knowledge that Pierre imparted to us just enhanced the experience 10-fold.  He attended to my daughter and me equally and even helped some Spanish-speaking tourists in the Louvre find their way by dropping into Spanish himself!  I can’t imagine a better way to spend our morning in Paris!


Be sure to head over to the Private Tours Paris website to explore all of their many offerings.  From half-day to full-day, with a variety of focused options and even destinations outside of Paris, you will be sure to find the right option for you – and then you get to personalize it even more!

Published on Feb 03, 2015

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